Why did I just get logged out?

I was viewing a thread for maybe 3 minutes and when I opened up any other threads beyond that, they were all marked as read. The entire rest of the boards were that way, which is highly annoying for me. Is there anything I can do to prevent this in the future or is it just a glitch that happens sometimes and I should get used to it?

I get logged out every fucking time I move between threads… What the hell?

Its been happing for a couple of days now…

Hey! Knock that off! Can you guys just appreciate what you have!?

Yeah, your Pit thread isn’t going so well. That’s a shame. In the meantime, just because you can’t find happiness there, don’t pollute other threads; keep it confined to the Pit.

I don’t post threads to “see how they’ll go.”

I’m merely voicing the majority opinion here (as evidenced by the aforementioned thread). There are sure to be others.

Are you singling me out for any particular reason, SkipMagic?

As for the logging out issue: make sure you’re clicking on “Remember Me?” when you log back in, and make sure whichever browser you’re using is allowing you to retain new cookies (as opposed to dumping all private info whenever the browser closes).

You’re deliberately hijacking a non-related thread to continue the venting from your Pit thread. Knock it off.

Any further discussion can be had in the Pit.

I’m not venting. But the next a user does exactly what I just did above, I’ll be sure to report the post(s) to you.

Consider this a formal warning, DudleyGarrett. The next time a mod tells you to continue the discussion elsewhere, be sure to do it. Don’t come back in for a glib comment, and don’t expect to be ignored if you do. If you continue ignoring mod instructions, your posting privileges may end up suspended.

Since this thread has gone off-rails thanks to the hijack, interface2x, please feel free to start a new thread–if what I suggested about cookies didn’t work for you. Same goes for you, EJsGirl.