Why did my bananas split open?

I bought a bunch of bananas yesterday at the perfect stage of ripeness, i.e. a little green.
My husband and daughter each ate one. Today, the four bananas left had split open their skins all down the length of the banana.

My daughter, being pregnant, is freaking the fuck out. (Can I say fuck in GQ?)

I didn’t dare tell her about the banana worms!

The bananas split because they saw the salad dressing. I thought everyone knew that one.

I thought you meant multiple banana splits–correctly spelled andgrammaticall correct–as in “courts martial.”
How do you split a single, let alone many, banana split?

In my 50 years of purchasing bananas every week I have never seen or heard of this happening. Do you happen to live in a house built above an ancient Indian burial ground? My advice is to get an exorcist immediately!

the aliens have left their pods and you are free to eat the remnants.

i’ve had over ripe ones split when flexed.

Did you make them angry?

Bananas left on the tree do this naturally.

As bananas don’t grow on treas does this mean that in reality they don’t split naturally? :dubious:

You should point out to her that a couple of lives, even if it is she and her child, are not significant to mankind on a global scale in any meaningful way. No matter what happens to her and her unborn baby, the rest of us, on average, will be just fine. That should calm her right down. :slight_smile:

Simple division I’d guess.
(Ba + Na2)/2

Well if we’re going to get all mathy, it should be one banana two banana three banana four, all bananas make a split so do many more…
Hereor here

This has happened to me a few times recently too. Buy a bunch of almost-ripe bananas at the store, grab one the next day to take to work, and notice that one of the bananas on the bottom of the bunch has split open. I was almost going to post something about it here because I was wondering if the split-open bananas are safe to eat or if I should just toss them.

It only seems to happen with bananas on the bottom of the bunch, not on top. At least for me anyway. So I guess it’s possible it was like that when I bought them and I just didn’t notice. But yeah, it’s not something I’ve ever noticed before in forty-mumble years of banana-eating.

So I take it, neither your daughter nor your bananas will be appearing in a condom commercial?

They are probably Japanese radioactive bananas.

I’ve started having the same problem, not only are the skins splitting long ways but the peel is breaking away from the stem and coming off of the fruit in pieces.

zombie or no

they want to be with ice cream.

or if ripe (which is why the peels split) to be bread.

I’ve eaten bananas for years and have never seen this before. this isn’t the normal ripening process. Also, I live in south Louisiana and it’s always humid here compared to some other places but this started happening when it was relatively dry here.

Clearly, no one has an answer. My WAG originally was to be cautious of eating them. This is because the splitting could have been caused by pressure from gases building up - gases that may have come from bacteria. Food that has been left too long and that spoils often does this, which is why we are cautioned to avoid food that is in bulging containers. But if the bananas seemed to be fine, with no rotten spots, no soft spots, no bad smells, etc., that theory might have to be abandoned. I think someone should weigh in here with a NSA* response to fight the ignorance that is clearly endemic among those of us who have given the OP some thought.

  • Non smart ass.

I think it’s because a banana is technically a berry. All I know is you wouldn’t have had this problem with the Gros Michel. These new-fangled Cavendish ain’t worth nuthin’.

I’ve seen this happen a couple of times at least. It was always during the stage where the peel was fairly rigid; I assumed that the inside was ripening faster than the outside or something.

We ate the bananas and we’re still alive. BUT FOR HOW LONG!?