Why did North Dakota try to secede in the '30s?

I was doing some reading today and came across a (frustratingly vague) reference to this very scenario. From what I could gather, the governor got in a bit of tiff with the feds and decided screw it, we’re outta here…he apparently barricaded himself in his office for a month or two and announced North Dakota’s secession from the union.

So what’s the deal? Anyone know what he was so pissed off about? Even the state history on ND’s official website only makes reference to his being involved in “campaign law violations” and has no mention of seceding. And how did it all get resolved? Obviously North Dakota’s still around to house Titan missiles and have the Coen brothers make movies about it…

Did he give up on the secession idea when he found out that no one in the U.S. really cared?

From gravy.net

The secession proposal rates an entry in the Footnotes to History page (an “overview of ephemeral states,
micronations, secessionist states, and every other kind of country you never heard of in high school.”):

This index of manuscripts at the Insitute for Regional Studies at North Dakota State University in Fargo mentions a “resolution that Western United States secede from the East”.

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Actually, my curiosity is now at least mildly aroused. I wonder if anybody else has more info on this incident. Any North Dakotans out there? Does this mean y’all put “Fergit, hell!” bumper stickers on your cars up there?

And if North Dakota suceded now they’d be the world’s fifth or so largest nuclear power. Think twice about pissing them off.

The truth is North Dakota did not try to secede, our Governor did.

Governor William Langer was convicted of defrauding the Federal Government, and the state Supreme Court declared Lt. Gov Ole Olson the new Governor.

Governor Langer declared North Dakota independent, declared martial law, and barricaded himself in the Governor’s mansion, demanding a meeting with the Supreme Court.

He eventually relented and went to jail. He was released, appealed his conviction (which he eventually won), and got re-elected. He later served as a Senator.

So the truth is, North Dakota never tried to secede, our Governor just got a little crazy when he was convicted of a crime.

Colorful guy, that William Langer.

In other words, what somebody else posted 11 freaking years ago!

Learn to read dates, newb.

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Waitaminute, are you telling me that the population of North Dakota is so starved for amusement that they elected a governor who tried to make the state secede, and when he finished with that, they elected him again? And we trust these people with nukes? Oh, god, we’re all going to die aren’t we.

Well, ya gotta understand that North Dakota is home to cattle, wind, land, wind, tumbleweeds, grass, rocks, wind, cattle, snow, heat, and wind. The people who live there have looked upon the grim, dead face of a nuclear winter and dubbed it January; the prospect of being blasted does not frighten them as much as the idea of watching Southerners trying to drive on ice amuses them.

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I know this is a zombie, but North Dakota also produces about 80% of the country’s Durum wheat which is what most pasta is made of.

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This is exactly what I was thinking. What was going on with that electorate?