Why did the security speak a number into his talkie after he checked my ID?

I was at the casino the other night, and the security guard took a LONG hard look at me and my ID back and forth. I cut my hair and I wear glasses now, I look different.

He let me into the casino, however he spoke some three digit number into his walkie talkie. What could have that meant?

I’m no expert on the matter, but my WAG is the security guy was telling (in code) the “eye in the sky”, to keep tabs on you. :dubious:
They may have thought you were a previously banned person, attempting to reenter, under disguise. :eek: Just sayin’…:smiley:

Eye in the sky, as in the security cameras? Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, and didn’t stick around for too long. I didn’t do anything wrong, but I’m nervous being watched by cops and security guards…or anyone.

If you don’t like being spied on by rent a cops, maybe you should stay away from casinos.

What was the code? If it was 187 I’d be nervous.

I’m aware that I’m spied on in casinos, and hell just about everywhere :frowning: but I really do not like the idea of security guards making extra notes to spy on me. :eek:

It was in the 300s I believe, 361 maybe, but I’m not sure. I was too nervous to concentrate.

You were nervous because a security guard at a casino uttered a three digit code into a walkie-talkie? :confused:

If that’s the case, you should definitely stay out of casinos. :eek: They’ve probably got better “camera coverage” of the casino floor, than the SuperBowl or World Series does, of the playing field! :rolleyes: And that’s not even taking into consideration, the many “plainclothes” (ie: undercover) security personnel, wandering around the place, at any given moment. :cool:

Yes, after looking at MY drivers license. I don’t know why I was a target of interest, and what they want to do with my info.

Maybe I’ve been hanging around my paranoid dad and a few of my anti-establishment friends too long. :cool:


IIRC, that is the code that street gangs in California, spray paint on the wall next to someone elses name (as a threat), and is used to refer to “murder”.
AND also, IIRC, it is the # that refers to that section of the California penal code, that has to do with “Homicide/Manslaughter”. (Hence the use, as a threat.)

So, with that said…
Pray tell, why would you be nervous? Think they’re planning a “hit” on you?:rolleyes::stuck_out_tongue:

You’re assuming the code was something bad. It might be that he looked at your license, saw no problem after all, and was reporting back with some code that means “false alarm, harmless dork.”

Or it is possible that he was already in the middle of some conversation as you came walking up. He was preoccuppied with the question at hand, and so being distracted, ended up looking at your license longer than usual. It isn’t that he was carefully analyzing it, just that he was busy thinking about the conversation, and not realizing how long he’s holding your ID. At that point, just as you’re getting nervous, he remembers the answer! He calls back to the guys to tell them the code they were asking about, and hands you back your ID.
Don’t be so paranoid about irrelevant things.

Along the same lines, if he was wearing an earpiece, it is possible that he was actually being spoken to on the radio while he was holding your license. He was concentrating on the incoming message instead of your license. When they finished talking, he responded back to them the proper code which had nothing to do with you. Then he hands you back your license.
I doubt the code had anything to do with you at all. He had more important things on his mind.

Your *“new look”, *might have caused you to resemble someone on that casino’s “banned list”. (Assuming, you don’t look, “barely legal”.:p)
Hence, the ID check. Upon confirming that you were not who they suspected you to be, the code was probably exactly, what Tom Tildrum said, “false alarm, harmless dork.” :wink:

At least it wasn’t Code 2319.

I do look barely legal. SGs always take a hard long look at me, but this was the first time they spoke into a talkie.

It didn’t appear that the SG was using his talkie previously.

The codes being mentioned in this thread are sparking some interest in me. Can I find a list of them somewhere?

Well, there ya’ go! :smack: The “eye in the sky” probably noticed you first. :dubious: They directed SG to check you out and make sure you were legal.
SG reported back (via code), that you were… What Tom Tildrum said.:wink:
Referring to his “not using it previously”… Did you notice whether or not, he had an “earpiece”?:confused:
As for the “list of codes”… have you tried Googling for it? Also, I would hazard to guess that they vary according to location, and user.:smiley:
The “187” code reference was something that I saw on a Discovery channel (or History channel, I forget) program, about street gangs. :slight_smile:

Ok… I’ll “bite”. What, is Code 2319? (Or, what does it stand for?)

I would guess that was his employee code as in:

SG: “Dispatch (from) 361”

Dispatch: “Go ahead 316”

SG: “ID check south hallway”

Dispatch: “We gotcha”

-Checks ID -

SG: 361 (clear)

Basically clearing the mike for other communications

So, how you doin’?