Why didn't I pre-order a Playstation 2????

I am so stupid! I knew that the new Playstation would be hot and I still didn’t pre-order one. Now I am in the worst mood and kicking myself for being stupid. Yea, I am a game lover. I admit it. Now, I won’t be able to get my greedy little hands on one until Christmas or somthing.
Today, I went to Sears and K-mart right after they opened to see if they had a PS2. I knew that they were not letting customers pre-order and it was my best chance at getting one. Well, the clerks just laughed at me when I asked. They said people were camping out in front of the store. If I had only known, I too would have been out there camping! I walked out with my head hung low, wiping the tears from my cheeks. :frowning:

I suggest we move this from The BBQ Pit to MPSIMS.

I had the money in hand a couple of weeks ago. I had $400 of money put away for launch day, and I was gonna utilize an “inside guy” to help me get my PS2…but then I gave it a good think’n over. I was using a second hand 166mhz clocked up to 200 PC with a pitiful 4 gig hard-drive and no CDR, AND I am getting DSL in a few weeks, now, which do I want more, a shiny new PS2 or a new phat-ass PC? Well, I mulled it over for a week and a half, and finally settled on putting that money towards a new PC, and I don’t regret it a bit. I’ll get me a new PS2, but right now, with the limited number of titles and the possibility of buggy launch hardware, I’m just enjoying my new computer and dreaming of the high-bandwidth days around the corner.

Well, I feel the need for future rants coming up so, to keep this in the pit, why the fuck fuckity fuck, fuck didn’t I pre-order a fucking PS2? (Well, I already know the answer to that, but I don’t give a fuck!) And for the record, fuck the fucking people camping outside the fucking Target by my house at fucking midnight the night before (whether it’s Quake or Target, I fucking hate campers!) when that Target actually had 50 fucking units!

Willy, FTR, don’t worry about it. If you camped, you still would have lost (out here people started camping soon as the stores closed), and if you pre-ordered, unless you did it way the fuck early, you still would’ve been screwed. My friend pre-ordered his in August and isn’t getting it until February or so. The only person I know who got one pre-ordered his last November.

So…anybody know of a mod chip for dem imports?

Back in the summer, I considered pre-ordering about a dozen of them (from different places), putting them on the credit card, and scalping them Tickle-Me-Elmo style come Christmas time. I figured it would probably backfire, though, plus I never got off my ass and did it.

(I’m still reeling from my girlfriend’s story about digging through the bin full of probably 50 $5 Garcia the Bears (Beanie Babies, that is), to find the one with the prettiest tie-dye to buy me for Christmas. Last I checked, he was going for about $150 on eBay, MWMT.)

Dr. J

Well, I think that the product should be boycotted. Sony well knew, and planned upon the hype and free publicity their completely artifical 'shortage" would cause- I would not have one, even at half-off. The real victems here are the younger kids, who now REALLY REALLY want one- and won’t get one, thus leading to dissappointed tykes on Chistmas.

DWD - I had heard that they were having production problems in their factory, worsening the shortage. They were originally going to ship 1,000,000, but had to cut back to 500,000.

I’m in the same boat as the rest of you, and am pissed. But in an effort to be constructive - does anyone know when the next shipment is? I keep hearing “next week,” but I want to know which DAY, dammit!!

They knew, going in, that even 1 million would not be anywhere near enuf. And they could have held the release until they had enuf.

Amen to that. I’m so pissed at fucking Sony. What the hell do you tell the kiddies on Christmas morning? Sorry but Santa didn’t think the three of you deserved it this year?(well okay the little pissants don’t, but that’s besides the point)If you don’t have enought product to meet demand hold off releasing the piece of garbage.

And THAT boys and girls is what the true spirit of Christmas is all about, having your parents go into debt to buy you the latest in gaming systems.


And this is one reason I’m glad I never got into the gaming hype. I bought my own Nintendo after the thing had gone out of style, and I bought my own Sega. These days the games I like come on PC. Much more versatile than Playstation or whatever.

–I remember seeing a sign at Toys R Us last JULY that said preorders could not be guaranteed for Christmas. Right there would have been the cue to start the mantra in August…“Santa can’t get 'em.”

I was going to start a thread about it, but I figure I can just point it out in here:


Now, is this not the stupidest, sickest and most vile thing in the world? Okay, maybe not that bad, but come on! Paying fifteen grand for a toy which WILL be available in a short period of time - relatively - for a mere fraction of that?

Unreal… The things I could do with 15 grand…

Yer pal,

Six months, two weeks, four days, 4 hours, 54 minutes and 47 seconds.
8048 cigarettes not smoked, saving $1,006.02.
Extra time with Drain Bead: 3 weeks, 6 days, 22 hours, 40 minutes.

Satan - It has to be a bunch of kids who got the keys to dad’s computer jacking up the price at good old e-bay.

I can’t imagine someone desperate enough to pay that much for a PS2.

But then again…

(I wonder who else is up late?)

Who wouda thought it? I’m 100% in agreement with the Prince of Lies himself. :smiley:

acording to OPM (“the Official Playstation Magazine”) the age of the average psx owner is 24. Yeah, kids will want them for christmas, but they really aren’t targeting kids.

I saw the storm coming a couple of weeks ago, so I spent the money that I’d saved up for it to buy a new bed. I just got it yesterday, and it is so much better than the old-fouton-on-the-hardwood-floor that I’ve been using for years!

I will probably pick one up with my tax-return money next year. And Tekken Tag Tournement, too. I love Tekken!


I worked at a Babbage’s over the summer, and at the end of June we were already telling people that they wouldn’t be getting their PSX2 by Christmas. No, not even if they begged us. Not even if they placed their reserve that very day. Nope.

Of course, it was store policy to only tell them that if they asked. The logic here was that people wouldn’t reserve the product if they knew they wouldn’t have it on Dec. 25 and our store totals would go down. Plenty of people walked out of that store thinking they’d be able to put the damn thing under the tree for the kiddies. I told people about the delays if the manager was out of earshot, though.

I feel for those poor bastards in our nation’s video game stores this week. Few things suck more than working during the release of a new system, as this comic from our friends at Penny Arcade demonstrates. Well, not really, but it’s damn funny anyway.

I might as well say it. I’m waiting for the Nintendo GameCube.

No, it won’t play DVDs. That’s what the DVD player is for.
No, you can’t surf the web. I’ve got a PC.

What you will be able to do is play games FAR SUPERIOR to anything PS2 will be offering this year.

Of course, I’ll probably have to wait until 2002 to get one, but I’ve still got N64 games to conquer.

You think that’s bad?
Go to

And go to the S section and the Sears Section
and then the W section and the Walmart Section.

Talk about sucky!

I’m still waiting for someone to tell me the day of the next shipment!