Why didn't you go to your 10 yr h.s. reunion?

So what’s the REAL reason you didn’t go to your 10 year high school reunion? And a follow up question - are they the same reasons for not attending the 20th, 30th, or 40th?

I’m not even sure there was one. If there was, whoever was in charge of planning it didn’t bother to track me down.

Same here. It wasn’t worth it for the incredibly small class anyway.

School wasn’t really a lot of fun. I was cursed with being one of the ‘smart’ kids. I’d just as soon forget it all.

I have no desire to see anyone from my high school. Not ten years after, and not now.

The cliques that existed in high school still existed ten years later, and even forty years later. I was not part of that scene and have no desire to be part of it now.

I was going to go. Then I met a handsome man who invited me on a Caribbean vacation that week. I went with him.

True story.

I went to my 10th. I didn’t see very many people there that I knew (our graduating class was about 900), so I didn’t bother going to any afterwards. This year will be my 25th, I haven’t yet decided whether or not to attend.

Went to my 10th to see how many cheerleaders were fat and/or pregnant. Skipped the 20th, 30th and 40th because I didn’t much like those people then, why should I mingle with them now?

I haven’t maintained friendships with any of the people I knew in high school. There doesn’t seem to be much reason to go the reunions. We’re all different people now and have only faded memories of 40 years ago in common.

Haven’t gone to any of them. Wasn’t interested. I’m not fixated on that period in my life, no interest in knowing what people I’ve not seen in 35 years are doing, etc.

Don’t give a rats ass what college any of you went to either. It’s kinda silly defining your entire life by what you did for a couple of years when you were younger.

There was never any place I wanted to get out of more than my high school. Can’t think of any reason I would want to go back.

Why would anyone go to a high school reunion would be a better question. I don’t know anyone who looks fondly on that period of their lives.

I moved to the other side of the country. I doubt I would’ve gone back anyway though. I don’t miss high school.

I wasn’t sure my date could make it, and I didn’t want to go alone. I did go to the others, though. For me, it was a little cool, finally getting to meet some of the people I went to school with.

I went to both the 10th and the 20th. They were fun. I would have gone to the 30th too, but it came at bad time in my life.

If we had a tenth, I never heard of it.

But I did go to my 20th, and had a great time. Maybe people get better with age - there wasn’t any of the cliche-shit everyone complains about; no asshole behavior, no showing off. Just hangin out, getting reacquainted. However, the “popular girl” clique still sat together and thought they were the hot shit. No one else agreed.

The 25th was even better. My wife found it funny that we sat at a table with Mike, Mike, Mike, and Mike was across at the bar, and Mike couldn’t come. The peak is my year, though only my middle name is Mike. Missed it by THAT much.

Unfortunately, for the 30th the organizers thought it should be in Vegas, but they weren’t actually gong to book a hall, or plan anything, or probably even show up for a reunion. They just wanted to go to Vegas. What’s the point? And, it seems the 35th got ignored completely.

Honestly, reunions need to be multi-year, somehow. I had friends in all the four grades of HS, and maybe it would be good to see them, too. But where do you draw the line? If you made it all-inclusive, that just gets too much. I don’t know anyone from the class of 2014 - we’re almost talking classmate’s grandkids!

My tenth was in 1979, not that I think they had one. Pre-Internet, pre-Facebook. Plus my school is in New York and I was in Louisiana at the time.
We were not a small school - there were over 1500 people in my graduating class - but we did not have a lot of school spirit. They wanted to start a football team and tried to sell season tickets to test the waters. They sold six. There went those plans.

They did have a 40th or 45th reunion, but I was on the wrong coast.

My high school was 1/3 military kids, 1/3 farm kids, and 1/3 townies. I was in the military group, the other 2/3’s of the school really didn’t like us and did their best to ostracize us at every opportunity. After graduation, in true military kid fashion, we scattered to the four winds, none of us bother with the reunions.

I didn’t like high school. There is no way in hell I would ever go to a reunion.

I hate them and they hate me. Why would I go?