Class Reunions

Have you gone to your Class Reunion?
I missed my 10th and before I knew it my 25th is here.
What should I expect? I’m thinking I might not go. I always see on tv people exagerate their jobs and whip out pictures of the kids and outright lie about their activites such as travel and things they do for fun. Do I really want to spend $400 to fly to a place where I probably won’t remember anyone?

What is your Class Reunion experience?

I went to my 20th high school in 1995. It was fun . . . I looked, ummm, considerably better than I had in high school, and was the center of attention. In a good way. I brought a handsome blond friend as my date (blonds go with everything!).

The School Cute Guy, by the way, was fat and balding, eliciting horrified and pitying gasps from everyone. The gorgeous blonde cheerleader looked like a Carol Channing impersonator.

Well, I just missed my 20th because airfare was so high, but I was told by someone who did attend that it was a great experience. She said it was much better than the 10 year and that no one seemed competitive, that no one cared how anyone looked, and that everyone was simply glad to see one another again.

I’d say if you can afford the travel, then attend your reunion.

Went to my 10th last year. It was pretty cool. I didn’t really need to lie about anything since I had just finished my MBA and started a great job in Manhattan.

Whether or not you have a good time at your HS reunion will depend on a number of factors. What were you like in high school? What have you become? Do you keep in touch with anyone from high school?

If you go back to your reunion with the intent to “one-up” your classmates or suddenly gain their respect, you’re gonna have a bad time.

I was friendly in school and got along with everyone. I didn’t hang in any click.

I only keep in touch with one person from high school.

It has been so long. I’m afraid I won’t know anyone or worse yet they won’t remember me!

I don’t have the desire to “one up” anyone but my ex!

Went to my 10th - wasn’t impressed. The cliques were still going strong, the people I really wanted to see didn’t attend, and the band they booked was horrible. As far as I know, that’s the only reunion my class had. Last year would have been our 30th, but it came and went…

Personally, unless high school was a great time of your life and you know that some of your old friends will be there, I’d say save your money. Then again, high school wasn’t a big deal for me.

I just had my 10 year about a month ago.

It was a two night affiar. The Friday night was grads only (no spouses) and it was a blast!

Saturday night was spouses and grads and it was fun, but as fun as the night before!

At 10 years people hadn’t changed that much, I got a few compliments because I had lost weight, but a lot of the people looked the same.


I’ve done 5th, 10th, 20th and 30th. From that alone you can probably gather that I’ve enjoyed them. I wasn’t a jet (the three main social classes were jets(etters), kickers (cowboys) and heads/surfers (repository of bad boys)) or a kicker, but those classes no longer exist.

You might enjoy it.

My 10th is next weekend and I am going.

I basically want to show off my beautiful husband and my great kids. :wink:

Seriously, I honestly just want to know how life has turned out so far with people I basically grew up with.

I only keep in touch with 2 people from high school.

I enjoyed HS very much but I have changed a lot from the girl I was then.

I think it will be fun…who knows?

Calliope - I’ve heard the same thing about 10 yr vs. 20 yr - that by your 20th, most if not all of the old high-school baggage has been dropped, and the competitiveness is just not there.

I didn’t go to my 10 year in 1997, and I don’t know if I’ll go to the 20 year or not.

High school just wasn’t that much fun - now if only there was a first-year-of-college reunion … 'cos college was a BLAST!!! :slight_smile:

I missed my 10th, but went to–and enjoyed–my 15th. We didn’t have one for 20, at least that I’m aware of. This year would have been 25, and I didn’t hear anything about a reunion this year, either.

I went to my 10th (also in 1997! An excellent vintage, ** PiscesPrincess**) and was really surprised at how much fun I had – I’d been a drama geek/egghead type, and almost none of my old crowd showed up. Most of the old popular crowd did, but it seemed like 90% of their baggage had been lost at the airport by then. Folks seemed pretty candid about their failures and mild successes. I had downright interesting and pleasant conversations with people I used to avoid like the plague bitches they were back then.

Really cathartic, overall. Completely reinforced my joy in being as old as I am.

I had almost decided not to go – at the time I’d just finished chemo six months before and had more than gained back the weight I’d lost, making me heavier than I’d ever been in my life, and I had barely more than a crew-cut’s worth of hair. I was pasty and out of shape. I didn’t even get to show off my gorgeous then-boyfriend (now the gorgeous mr. emilyforce) since he couldn’t be there until the day after the events. But it didn’t end up mattering.

Missed my 10th about 5 years ago. I knew about it but wasn’t interested. I don’t keep in contact with anyone from High School, but I would have gone if their were people I wanted to see again, but there was nothing of interest drawing me there.

I’d be happy with a current photo and a paragraph written about everyone sent to me. That would be enough. A whole night of “So you look great, what are you doing with yourself these days?” bores me.

I’ve heard a bit about what a few classmates are doing with themselves, and I know I’m doing better, but that still doesn’t make me want to go.

Went to my 10th back in the fall and had a blast. The same crowd that were my best friends then are still my best friends now. We had a little pre-party where we warmed up with some adult beverages, broke out the yearbook and laughed about ex-boyfriends.

The actual reunion was very disorganized, however it was fun. It was pretty surreal seeing all those people that were so seemingly important in my life 10 years ago just being regular working/parenting/married folks like me trying to make a life for themselves.

The people I knew I could go right up to, hug and kiss and laugh with were there, and the ones that ignored me 10 years ago still ignored me :wink: Their loss, I figure. The ex-football star/boy sweetheart of all girls’ desires was fat and had lost nearly all his hair (which I announced maybe a little too loudly after a few too many martinis) and I called the ex-cheerleader/teacher’s pet/object of boy’s desires a C**T when she completely blew off a friend of mine who went up to her to say hello. It was worth it (man, where’s the smug smirk smiley!)

We had a Catholic school elementary school reunion for all classes, teachers and parishoners. Our school had closed about 15 years ago, and it was basically a neighborhood reunion and one the best experiences of my life.

I had a great time at my 10th a couple years ago. I got to spend a lot of time with a good friend who lives at the other end of California, saw a lot of old buddies (though not as many as I’d hoped). There wasn’t a lot of competitiveness that I saw–oddly, everyone seems to live in Las Vegas now. People said, “oh, of course!” when I told them I was a librarian, and in a nice way. And, the guy who made my life miserable in 8th grade apologized.

Disappointingly, my HS bf did not show up, which was sad since he’s marrying the Brazilian exchange student we doubled to prom with (!!), and I wanted to see her again.

What the…?

That must have been a pleasant experience. Doubling to the prom with your BF and some Brazillian babe and then he ends up marrying her!!! I hope you weren’t madly in love with him!

We don’t have Proms hhere in Oz, but I wouldn’t be impressed if my BF took another date.

I went to the 20th a few months ago. I recognized everyone except one guy (small class). Most everybody looked damn good! Certainly better than me! (oh well. I had the nicest car! :D)

It was actually kinda boring in hindsight. I really didn’t hang with the “In” crowd. I kept in touch with a few people for about a month afterward, but thats done now.

Why not go? Oh, yeah. Air travel. I only had to drive a short distance.

A Gay Bishop? Can’t beat that!

I must echo the general opinion. I’ve been to my 10th, 20th, and was on the committee for the 25th.

10th was everyone trying to one-up everyone else.

20th was lots of hugging, happiness, and no lines were drawn anywhere.

25th was three days and two nights of pure unadulterated fun.

I highly recommend anything after the 10th.

The exchange student had her own date; we double-dated to the prom by going in a foursome. She was a great girl, and my ex-bf and I were long over by the time he got together with her a few years later–I broke up with him soon after graduation. I’m quite happy about it.

I do want to know what the heck he’s talking about at one of those reunion websites, though. He’s posted that he’s marrying her, his 'high-school sweetheart." Now, he had no chance to date both of us at once, I know that. Everyone who would see that posting is someone who will know who he was dating, so what is up with rewriting history like that? It strikes me as kinda weird.