Who's gone to high school reunions?

My 20th :eek: high school reunion will be in October, and although I’m going, I have some reservations. This was 20 years ago, after all, and I’ve talked to maybe two people since then, but really nobody for at least 15 years or so.

I have this fear I’ll be sitting at a table with my husband, while all around me former cheerleaders squeal and hug each other and folks look at me with a puzzled look on their face, “Ivylass? I’m sorry, did we have a class together?”

Now, granted, three girls that I chummed around with since elementary school will be there, so it won’t be quite that bad, but hell, high school was a nightmare, so who in their right mind would want to go back?

Please share your experiences and suggestions.

I went to my 10th. I won’t be going to any more.

I had pretty much the same experience.

There was a funny bit though, we had a short video comprised of photographs from our time in high school, and as I was watching, and walking to the bar for another drink, a guy mentioned from behind me as my photo flashed up, “I wonder what happened to him, I wish I could remember his name…”

It wasn’t someone I cared to spend any real time with, so I just walked on by, and left shortly after the presentation. Most of my HS friends were in other grades or schools anyway, so it didn’t bother me that I wasn’t friendly with many of the attendees.

Another funny story was walking up to a girl I knew, saying “HI!”, having her look at me for a long pause, remember who I was, and remark, “Oh, ya! I’ll say ‘hi’ to you, I liked you back in the day!” Showed that I wasn’t alone with my feelings that day, as I had some very similar thoughts.

If you had a large group of friends in HS, in grade, I’m sure it could be fun! Personally, I can probably count the number of times I’ve spoken with someone from my HS days ('84-'88, Ipswich High School)


Eh. I didn’t like those people in high school…why would I go back to see them?

Close friends from high school I am still in touch with, and I teach with several more, so I am not lacking in gossip about the “old class.” But my graduating class was over 1000 people. Odds are that the majority of folks who show up to a 25+ years reunion are going to be people I don’t know from Adam or care about in the least.

I did go to my 10 year reunion, though, just to see who had gotten fat and/or pregnant. I was in a group, chatting about stuff when I mentioned this motivation. I nodded towards Laurie Wells, one of our former cheerleaders, and opined how it was unfair that some people didn’t change. Laurie was still slim, still gorgeous, etc. Then someone leaned in from outside the group and offered “She’s still a bitch, too!”

On that high note, I swore off reunions. :smiley:

I went to both my 5 and 10-year reunions. I enjoyed both of them and plan on attending my 15 and 20-year reunions if logisitcally possible. The 10 year was crazy, like non-stop socializing for 4 hours and I didn’t get a chance to catch up with everyone (my graduating class was 900, about 300 came + SOs). My classmates are a very well-rounded and interesting crew.

I enjoyed the chance to catch up with a lot of “people I knew” - not my good friends I have stayed in touch with but just some people I “knew from math class” or whatever.

I went to a specialized science high school in NYC so maybe my reunion was more interesting than average. Either way, I enjoyed it and it was also a good networking opportunity.

I went to my 20th and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was still gorgeous and trim at 38, still had a magazine column, so I was able to catch up with friends and lord it over enemies.

Now, as a portly, career-disabled 48-year-old, I wouldn’t be caught dead.

Went to my 10-year reunion. I only went to that particular high school for my junior and senior years. I only bonded with a couple people with whom I am still close and in touch. as far as those who were stuck-up and self-absorbed in high school, ten years later, they were snotty and conceited instead.

I spent most of the night at the bar talking with a group of people who were there but were not part of our reunion banquet.

I have gone to my 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th and will go to my 25th next year. I went to a small school and I don’t get back there a lot, much less see any old friends, so I enjoy it.

I went to the 10th and 20th, don’t know that we had any others. I am toying with going to the 25th, which is the first weekend of next month. I don’t like everyone who I went to school with, and who I like hasn’t changed much over the years. But most people have mellowed/gotten better with age. And it is fun/funny to see how some people turned out exactly as I expected. Example, a guy who was fairly annoying back in the day (a pseudo jock) came up to me over enthusiastically at one of the reunions. Me, without missing a beat: “You sell insurance, don’t you?” Him: “Yes, how’d you know?”. :slight_smile:

In terms of full disclosure, our reunions are always held at a nearby beach resort of some sort, so it’s not a horrible thing to endure. Usually we have picnics, games, stuff for the kids, beach volleyball, drinking, music, etc.

I went to my tenth just a couple weeks ago. I probably won’t go to the twentieth.

They had a pre-reunion gathering at a local bar the night before, and that was actually a lot more fun. More of my crowd of friends showed up since it was free, and it was a lot looser so I was more comfortable. I’d actually go to something like that on an annual or semi-annual basis, but the sit down dinner with the slide show and nametags was just a bit too much for me.

It’s always the same group of people who go to those things, and they’re the people I’d least like to see (unless they were being dipped in a vat of hot tar). The people I’d like to see don’t go. So no, I’d never do it.

Parkville High School class of '72 had one reunion - in 1981 - kinda like a 9.5 year reunion. I went. I talked to a few people. I realized that in those years, I’d matured a lot more than some of them did. Since that occasion, I’ve seen one old friend maybe twice. I’ve lost track of everyone. And I really don’t miss any of them. Heck, I was one of 849 grads and fewer than 200 showed up for the reunion. Some class spirit, huh?

Like FairyChatMom I graduated in '72 and we seem to be a bunch of slackers, fewer attend every time. Last one I went to was the 30th. I think we had about 70 people out of 700.
I don’t regret going, but doubt that I will be going again.
I live in the same town and still see people every now and then, and that’s good.

My 20th is in October too. Hey, outta curiosity (and because your location is in Florida), you’re not a Gainesville High alumni, are you?

My school had a 15-year, because apparently not one of them could count to 10 in the ten years after high school. I didn’t bother going.

We did go to Dave’s 20th, though. He went to an exclusive all-boys high school. You can see the trust funds on some of those guys, still. A small group of them were getting off on reliving some party they’d had 20 years ago. Whatever.

No, DeLand High, in Volusia County. The Class of '85 had the distinction of coming in last every year for the homecoming float (sophomore, junior, senior) Woohoo!

I was one of the nerds…you know, the group that storms the guidance office every nine weeks to check the class rankings. I was a member of the Scholastic Team, and the second half of my senior year pretty much sucked.

Ah well, time heals all wounds, and the stuff we thought would kill us back then deserves no more than a “eh” now.

Class of '83. I agree wholeheartedly here. I enjoyed the socializing/snarky-commenting aspect of my tenth and got into a bunch of interesting conversations, but I thought that the whole cruise-ship-to-nowhere format (a DJ playing Kajagoogoo too loud, thanks for the memories, dude) really detracted from the experience – and the expense and late hour kept people from bring spouses and kids, which would be ten times as interesting, from both a socializing and snarky-comment standpoint.

That said, I went to a very middle-class Jersey high school and it seemed like 75% of the guys had just started practicing law and were wearing navy blue suits. Maybe subsequent renunions will have more people who’ve joined the Hare Krishnas or started organic donut shops and wear Birkenstocks with wool socks. I suspect that people like that may be disinclined to go to these things, which is too bad.

I skipped my 20th as I was (a) in the middle of a divorce and (b) unemployed and I didn’t especially feel like talking about it over and over. I did see pictures of it online, though, and most folks have not aged particularly well, compared to a random sample of my friends from college and the people lying about their age on Nerve.com. Of course, many of them were probably happily married and had jobs, so there you go.

If there’s a 25th, I’d probably go if I knew that a few of my friends were going. And, I guess, if I manage to hold onto my job and my girlfriend and the hair on top of my head.

Dang, it would’ve been kinda cool to accidently run across someone I know in real life.

My entire high school period we had the losingest sports teams in all of Florida, I think. 'Cept the band (of which I was a proud band geek). We won everything…

I wanna go just to see how everyone turned out (it wasn’t a big school and I knew almost everyone) but I think I’m gonna be at a race that weekend.

I don’t mean to be rude, but why the hell would you even hold a 5th year reunion? Isn’t that a little - uh, premature?

Anyway, my high school, for some reason, doesn’t hold reunions. I’d go, though, it would be a blast and would be a good excuse to get loaded.

Many years ago, I accompanied my husband to the 10th reunion party of his high school class. The evening was unremarkable, with one exception. One of my husband’s closest friends from high school days was a male-to-female transsexual. The high school reunion was the first public event she had attended since her surgery. This was, in itself, not amusing. The funny part was that a rumor had gone around that someone in the class was a transsexual, and people were speculating and babbling and suggesting likely candidates… but nobody named my husband’s friend as a “suspect.” This made her feel very good indeed. She even participated in some of the ridiculous conversations about who the “tranny” might be. I was embarrassed to death by the gossip, but since my husband’s friend thought it was all a hoot, I relaxed and just let my ears flap, while saying nothing.

I went to my 5th year reunion hoping to see some chums I’d lost track of, but very few people I knew showed up. Most were off in the army, the Peace Corps, or had just moved out of the area for their first new job after college.

Somehow I either missed the 10th or have forgotten it, but I do remember the 15th. See, I was the youngest in my graduating class, having skipped a grade, and was also very, very skinny back then. At my 15th re I was STILL the youngest and the thinnest. What a hoot seeing the ex-cheerleaders who still wore too much makeup, the ex-athletes who were no longer so hot. AND I had just gotten my private pilot’s license that very day, so I was really up. There has not been a reunion since, at least not one I’ve been invited to!