My first high school reunion

My ten-year reunion is next weekend. I am excited and wary at the same time. I have kept in touch with almost no one, but I couldn’t imagine not going. I am just terribly curious. My husband is dreaded it in the worst way! I vaguely remember my mother going to hers (I was born when she was very young) and I don’t think she had much fun. I think she said the ten-year was just high school all over, but that her twenty wasn’t bad. How many people went to theirs? Was it what you expected?

Hasn’t Facebook rendered these obsolete?

I can’t imagine going. :slight_smile: I hated high school with the passion of a thousand suns and if I saw any of those people ever again it would be too soon. OTOH, one of my friends at work had such fun at hers that they are going back this year and it’s an off-year.

I hope you have fun!

The only reason I went to my 10 year was to see who had gotten bald or pregnant. I’m still friends with some from high school, and I teach with a couple of others that went to my school, so I see little need in going back ever again. I like to believe my glory days are ahead of me, not behind me.

My 10 year high school reunion was so completely reminiscent of the cliques of high school – it was put together largely by the (former) cheerleaders – that my Gang of Six was “lost,” every single one of us, including two of us who at that time still lived in the same home town, names in the phone book, parents still in the houses we grew up in.

So we six (with SOs and kids – only 3 kids then) went away for the weekend. It was awesome. We had a fabulous time and heard the actual reunion was a drag. People just gravitating to the same people they hung with in high school, and everyone was more interested with impressing each other than with catching up.

My 20th reunion was last week. (Jeez, I’m old . . . .) I couldn’t go, living across the country and having just been home for vacation, but my two friends who went said it was surprisingly fun, much, much better than the 10th.

I have always heard that 10 years just isn’t far enough out of high school. :slight_smile:

I went to my 10 year reunion 3 years ago.

When I got the announcement I had decided I wasn’t going to go because I hated high school. The closer it got to the date I kept thinking that maybe I should go.

A week before I decided that I was going to go. I bought a plane ticket, made two nights hotel reservation. That was a nightmare, because the reunion was the opening weekend of the College World Series in Omaha and every hotel was booked solid. I did get a room at a nice Holiday Inn for $170/night :eek: .

I figured that I really had nothing to lose. I went with an open mind. I was gonna enjoy it and just see how it went.

I attended the Friday night “mixer”. I saw some people that I was friends with and had a nice time. However, for the most part, I realized that I still hated 90% of these people. It was kind of fun, because I look nothing like I did in high school. I looked good, had great clothes, had fantastic hair and a fabulous tan. A majority of people didn’t recognize me at first. People were coming up to me and asking aren’t you so-and-so. Yes, I am ;). [insert standard how-do-you-do’s & fake gushing like they actually gave a shit]

I ended up blowing off the actual reunion and hanging out with my best friend whom I totally surprised by showing up at her house that Saturday morning. I did talk to her before I flew there to make sure she was going to be home but I said Oh, I think we’re going to paint the bathroom this weekend blah blah blah…

We went out and I gave her the skinny on all the people who hadn’t changed, who had, who was a haggard heap and who was still hot over drinks at some stupid bar.

FWIW, I was glad I went because I never have to wonder if it would have been fun or not.

My ten year is coming up this October. I am not going. I have no reason to go. I don’t care what all the people who were not my friends or I did not know are up to these days.

My group of friends stayed friends after high school for awhile. Then the ones who changed I stopped being friends with.

One guy got into meth a couple of years after high school and we stopped hanging out. I heard later he went to jail for it. I think he’s out now but I don’t care.

One turned into a religious freak and stopped hanging out with us because we didn’t go to church and pray all the damn time. He got mad at us once becuse we didn’t want to pray before a round of hacky-sack.

About three years ago I got into a one year lease apartment with one of them. He was canstantly short of money when rent time came around and I always had to cover for him and at then end of the year he still owed me several hundred dollars. Four months of me calling him asking when he was going to give at least some money he changed his phone number. So fuck him.

The other two guys I still hang out with.

Nobody from my high school has ever bothered to contact me about reunions. I’m fine with that. Most of my high school friends weren’t in my graduating class, anyway.

I can think of exactly one circumstance under which I would be interested in going to my high school reunion- if I had just come back from travelling to another star system at a high percentage of the speed of light (in which case time dilation would make it so that I had aged much less than all my former classmates). In that case, it might be fun to freak people out by how much younger than them I looked.

Yes, I know I am a geek.

My HS had one at 10 and 15, but not since (next year will be 30). I went to 15, and had an OK time. I didn’t know anyone particularly well since I lived 20 miles away from the school I attended, so I didn’t have any strong feelings one way or the other about anybody. If they have one next year, I’ll go. But if they don’t, I won’t feel heartbroken, either.

Well, my best friend from high school is still my best friend. Other than her, there are maybe three or four people I touch base with every year or so. And while I didn’t especially like a lot of the people I went to school with, they are surprisingly, not the ones planning the event. Unfortunately, the ones who are planning don’t seem especially competent. They’ve changed their minds a lot and been a little flaky about the money, and I don’t think they tried very hard to find a lot of alumni.

My mom went to her 30 year high school reunion and ended up reconnecting with a bunch of old high school friends who had all stayed in the same city as their high school. Since then, they get together about every month for a dinner party or outing. It’s really cute I think.

I graduated from high school a measly 3 years ago, so high school reunions seem really far away. Since we all still go home for Christmas, it’s pretty easy to keep in touch. And there’s the internet.

Yipes. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it goes well…

At least you can hang out with your best friend–and go out for coffee with the three or four people afterwards if all else fails. :slight_smile:

I went to my ten-year reunion, even though I didn’t graduate from that school (I moved away the summer before my senior year, but it was the school I most identified with).

One thing really surprised me- I thought that I was always one of those “invisible” students… but it turned out to be the opposite, though; everyone remembered me, even people with whom I’d never really associated. That was a bit of a shocker.

My friend Christine was the only one of my gang who attended- and it was weird, as she looked exactly the way I’d remembered. I wish I hadn’t lost touch with her over these years. My school had their 20th anniversary earlier this year, and being half a continent away, I couldn’t make it. As much as I hated high school, I would’ve loved to have reconnected with my friends.

I went to my ten-year, and had a reasonably good time for being as unhappy as I was at the time. I remember talking to all sorts of people, those I hung out with and those I didn’t. More people remembered me than I thought would, but I relied on name tags a little too much, as I have the memory of a seive.

My twenty-year is this year, and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m a happier person, I’m single, and I’m going to be able to drink and party it up (I was pregnant at the last one.) Several girlfriends that I’ve reconnected with (or newly-met in some cases - it was a big class) and I are going to get a couple of rooms and have us a good ol’ time.

This is kind of the dilemma I’m going through right now. It’s about my 20-year reunion, which is next month. Do I go or not? I moved only about 10 miles away from my hometown, so it’s just an issue of whether I want to pay the money to go or just get the “memory book” mailed to me afterwards.

I’m in the group of people for whom high school was four years of suckitude and outcastry. My dad died a week before high school started, and it went downhill from there. So I don’t have many happy memories of that time. And I keep in touch with only 3 people from my class.

However, there are a few people who I would like to see, just to make sure they turned out OK. One friend of mine, we used to get stoned together. His brother is in jail for child molestation and his (adoptive) mom stepped in front of a train May of our senior year.

Then of course there are all those people you wanted to doink; you kind of want to see how they turned out, too, even though they wanted nothing to do with you back then and you’ve only gotten more repulsive and more married.

So I’ll probably go, and even though there’s been talk of pre-partying at my house and carpooling in our minivan (!), maybe I’ll just drive myself so I can bail whenever I want to.

I went to my 10-year reuinion in 2004. I went to a small high school with only 44 in my senior class, so everyone knew everyone. It was a very conservative Baptist high school, but our reunion was held at a bar! Lots of smoking and drinking for everyone! :smiley: I had lost touch with absolutely everyone since graduation, so it was fun seeing people again. My old crush showed up in his Marine Corps uniform, and was now dating a girl from our class who he never would have dated when we were teenagers.

At one point I was standing with a group watching a slideshow of lots of our old high school snapshots. The guy I went to prom with, who had been a friend but not a boyfriend, was in one of them and I realized he wasn’t at the reunion. I said, “Oh yeah, where is Nathan?” and was greeted by awkward silence. “You mean you don’t know?” someone said. “He died in a car accident about two years ago.”

That was pretty shocking. He had been engaged, things going pretty well after a rough few years, and then a huge truck slammed into his tiny car on a rural road and turned it into a fireball.

Other than all the death and tragedy, we had a good time.

Any chance you’ll be heading to eastern WA for that ten-year in October?

That’s when and where mine is.

I went to mine, I was hoping to meet someone that had an auto related business and I was looking a sponsor for my racecar. The person I had hoped to meet did not show, I spend much of the evening talking to a couple of former classmates that had been in the Navy like me. Towards the end of the night I struck up a conversation with a gal that I had known since the 3rd grade but had rarely had a reason to interact. We ended up at her place and we had a good time, if you know what I mean. For me it was worth it just for the roll in the sack. I didn’t go to the 20 or 30 years reunions though, I had nothing to prove.

My 5 year reunion is coming up.
My first thought was “It’s only been 5 years, why are they even bothering?” My second thought was “Wait, if I wanted to talk to any of those people, I’d probably have talked to them by now.”
That, and I have a girlfriend, so the chances of getting it on with some of the girls who liked me in high school are slim to shouldn’t.
Definitely going to pass on this one.

Weird-o-rama. I was just thinking tonight of my 5-year reunion. The only one I ever went to… after 27 years. I was, kind of a cool kid, a fringe member of the cool kids… with delusions of obscurity…

I went alone (as I was then) and rather on a lark. I went into the hall and was surprised by the reception by many people. Signed in (by Nichole… pine first girl I ever kissed… and one of the majorest babes in our whole class of 350ish), went back to the bar for a drink :stuck_out_tongue: While waiting there, one of the real cool kids, the in crowd, said, “Hey 6! Great to see you! Come sit with us.” I was floored then, as I was last night remembering it. It (pathetically) is one of my greatest triumphs.

Of course, when we all posed for a picture… picture this, large hall with a stage at one end. Our class assembled on the floor, on a riser, and top level on stage, for the big group photo. One of our (MANY) hardcore partyers, one of the hard-core-est, lobbed an empty beer bottle, hook-shot-style, like a grenade, from the stage, over the crowd, to the floor in front of the photographer ( a guy I worked with BTW…) CRASH!

5 years and we’re still this juvenile group? :stuck_out_tongue: Haven’t been to one since. Probably never will.