Why do/did cell phones have those curly little antennas?

Straight wasn’t good enough, somehow???

My guess is instead of making it longer and more apt to break, they made it curly (Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck) to give it more antenna and also greater range/better reception.

Again, just a guess.

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Either that or the people who use them while driving are pigs.


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Do you mean the short coiled part of a cell phone antenna that’s mounted to a car? The coiled part of the antenna forms an inductor, which becomes part of a tuned circuit (tuned to the cell phone frequency band). It’s sort of like making an electromagnet out of a coil of wire- the coiled shape increases the magnetic field. Coils with specific geometries have specific electrical properties useful in the cell phone transmitter and receiver circuitry.

An inductor used in this manner is often called a loading coil.

I’ve never seen a hand-held cell phone antenna with a visible coil- I guess it’s inside the phone itself.


Curly looks cooler. The curly part of those
antennas would distort in the wind as
temperature changed ect. This would change
the inductance and make any tuning done by
the antenna wrong.

If your are talking about the little coil about 1/4 the way up the antenna.
Most cell phones antennas are a co-linear design to increase the GAIN of the antenna.
Most cell phones are low powered and need all the help they can get.
The coil matches the phase of two smaller antennas.
Common designs use a 5/8 wave over 1/4 or 1/2 wave setup to get a gain of 4.5+ decibels over a simple dipole antenna

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Dont know if this has anything to do with curly attennas but I watched 60 minutes and people or sueing because they blame the radioactive waves for tumors located on the brain…dont know…