Why do dogs like squeaky toys so much?

Why do dogs like squeaky toys so much?

They seem to really really get enjoyment out of them, playing with them for hours.

So my question is, WHY, do they think they are real prey animals?

Or are dogs just like little children?

Probably a little from column A and a little from column B. It makes a noise when they bite, which would give them the sense that it’s alive and thus deserving of a good gnawing. Plus, lacking anything better to do, dogs will find ways to amuse themselves and a good squeaky toy would probably be their first choice. And dogs like repetition, like a kid.

I think the texture plays a role as well, they are both soft and resiliant, but the “squeak” is obviously an added bonus.


Dogs love to chew. It is like a massage for a person, and it releases endorphins.

Not the best cite:


Edit: They like the squeaker because they become conditioned to it. Dogs that have not played with squeaker toys do not have the same reaction as dogs that have played with them.

A dog will chew almost anything. It will chew your shoes, your furniture, or pieces of plastic. When you have a puppy, you have to break them of this instinct, and teach to only chew things you give them to chew.

Dogs are dopey.


I made a noise!


I made a noise!


I made a noise!


I made a noise!

Ad nauseum.


Dogs are weird … no wait, that’s cats.

Dogs are goofy.

Can’t find on youtube…remember in Meet the Fockers when the dog was humping that squeaky toy? Hilarious!

No, Goofy was a Dawg.

My dog caught a baby rabbit last year and it sounded exactly like a squeaky toy when he crunched it. It may hit a killing instinct.

Same here - my dogs killed two baby possums and a rabbit and they made the same noise as their favorite toys. Savages.

Yep, lots of animals sort of squeak when they’re being maimed.

I work for a company that sells toys to Kong. We are coming out with a squeaker toy pretty soon.

My boss designed the toy. He said that the squeak mimics the sound of an injured prey and that excites a natural reaction in the dog.

My dog (one of the testers) loves the damn thing.

We used to make a toy with a hard plastic piece in the middle. It was to simulate a bone surrounded by tissue. Dogs liked that too.