Why do hot girls have to be religious?

I apologize on behalf of all us cute religious girls. :smiley:

I’m not sure what I’m apologizing for, though. I was going to tell you about my cute non-religious female friends, but I think I only have one non-religious-and-cute one, and she’s getting married next month.


I just think God’s trying to give Blalron a message…
:: d&r ::

“Are Female Atheist Democrats that like classic rock and eschew country music THAT hard to find?”

—Well, there’s me; but I’m in New York and old enough to be your mother . . .

Blalron, I’m about your age, grew up in family of left-wingers, I eschew country music, I like classic rock, and I’m an agnostic.

Oh, yes, and I’m female.

The only problem is the Atlantic Ocean.

What’s a little thing like an ocean? Mr. Butrscotch and I had the Pacific between us when we met. Okay, so it makes dating a bit of a challenge, but hey, neither one of you has life anyway since you’re here all the time anyway, right? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

What kind of religion are these women?

Children of God church?

I don’t get the point really, I prefer women to have religion & I see that as enhancing things & I would love to go with them to scripture readings, but of course, they would have to interpret them.

See I have a different problem.

Why do I meet smart, funny, attractive women who are totally insane without the most fundamental understanding of human compassion.

Extremely religious girls are a challenge. Seducing and debauching the innocent is always entertaining.

Just popping in to offer my sympathies. Not that i can sympathise that much - i haven’t met a religious person for years. Knowingly anyway.

I’m not really helping am i?

I rarely find guys looking for atheist women. It’s disappointing. I’d settle for someone who was simply laid-back about the whole spirituality thing.

Having experienced both ends of the spectrum (die-hard religious guys and die-hard atheists who insist on holding everything I say or do up to skeptical scrutiny), I’ve become rather shy about my own not-so-religious stance.

Come to think of it, I’ve become shy about my musical and political stances for similar reasons. :slight_smile:

So, Kaitlin, how you doin’? :slight_smile:

I think the problem here is finding someone with compatible religious beliefs.

Perhaps you could suggest a new way of “speaking in tongues” that she might not be familiar with… :wink:

Well …

I think the hot girl I was with last night was religious.

Anyway, she kept shouting "Oh God … Oh God … Oh GOD!!! all night long.

So she’s religious, right?

Snake handler…is this a euphemism?

oh, and Hey! That’s almost legal, too!

[sub]because of that polygamy thing… okay, I’m going, I’m going…[/sub]

I just remembered a post I read a few years ago… it seems there was a SF convention scheduled the same weekend as a radical christian youth group’s national meeting. The two groups were pretty much unaware of each other until several fen wandered into the open planning meeting for the christian group, where they were discussing their plans of conquest for the year… the Q&A session at the end was an eye-opener, apparently.

The weekend went semi-tempestuously, and the last thing mentioned was that on the last day, there were several female fans walking around in pairs, approaching the late-teen guys of the christian group and offering to take them up to their room and let the boys do anything they wanted with them provided they first went down to the lobby and loudly renounced their religion…

Have you seen the Bellydancing Librarian?

Ah. Not religious, so… Turns out I’m not hot.


Kn(another godless, politically liberal, classic rock listener, non-country music fan, here. We do exist, I promise)ckers

Hey! I used to be “super religious” and your description pretty much could have described me from about 13 to 20. Did that mean that I was hot and I didn’t even know it? Damn, I hate missing important information like that. I SO could have used that to my advantage a time or two. :wink:

Anyway, my point here is that you shouldn’t give up hope even on the Oral Roberts types. 'Cause see, sometimes they do go over to the dark side and become all sorts of other things. Like atheistic, agnostic or spiritual on a whole other level, just to name a few. And the wildness that can result (YMMV obviously), is a wonder to behold/participate in. I speaketh of which I know. :smiley:

Boy, was that fun.

You know, a smart male SF convention attendee would have darted back to his room to put on a tie, comb a part into his hair, and grab the Gideon bible…