Why do hot girls have to be religious?

Well, it happens again.

Whenever I find some girl that I think might be interested in me, I found out she’s super religious. Somehow, the topic of her fondness for “speaking in tounges” or attending daily hour long scripture reading sessions only gets brought up after I become totally infatuated with her.


Are Female Atheist Democrats that like classic rock and eschew country music THAT hard to find? :frowning:

Not at all. I’m involved in a long-distance relationship with a girl in England who is absolutely beautiful, atheist, and perfect in nearly any other way I can think of. Keep looking, they’re rare but they’re out there.

Welcome to my high school years…

You reminded me of the situation I was in once where I had to explain to this awesome woman in a nightclub just what an agnostic was (when I stil considered myself one) when she asked if I was Catholic since we had met earlier at my cousin’s wedding. I decided to be honest rather than faking that I still believed, I could feel her interest cooling from the instant she said, “What’s that?”

Story of my life, having a theological discussion in a noisy nightclub 25 feet away from a karaoke contest.

I sympathize, Blalron… as an atheist who lives in the Bible Belt and hates kids, I have a VERY hard time finding compatible women.

Why not ask about her religious inclinations BEFORE becoming attached to her? You should be safe… if she’s a fellow atheist, she’ll surely understand your desire to weed out the religious girls as quickly as possible.

Some people believe in religion. You believe in infatuation. Others believe that long-distance relationships work. I happen to believe that turtle eggs are laid by elephants that have been stung by bees. Each to his own.

If it makes you feel any better (OK, it won’t):
I’m a religious guy, and I can’t find a nice, intelligent religious girl.
But I do know several attractive, nice atheists.

So you’ll learn to go after those sexually repressed librarians!

My mom’s a librarian. . . . .err. . . . .what?

OW! Stop hitting me! Put down the shoes! OW! Hey! Those were metal cleats!

They don’t. Mine, for example, is not:)

Snake handler babes are the hottest. :smiley:

Don’t get me wrong. I see a big difference between religion and spirituality but a woman who takes her faith seriously can also be a serious hottie. Why do you think I married one.

I’m atheist, despise the thought of having kids, and have been on occasion called “hot.”

I’m taken at the moment though, so sorry. :slight_smile:

LOL. I don’t know how to take this. Since I’m not religious, this must mean I’m … not hot? :frowning:

I don’t think the problem is religion per se, but rather this:

I am not here to change or challange people’s inner most points of view and I would respect the believes a woman I am dating has got, but one time I had that same problem: A “super religious” girl was hitting on me and it made me feel uneasy. Imho it shows a disrespect for my believes, when a person talks about their religion non-stop and tries to convert me.

So, furt, how you doing? (And what religion/denomination are you?)

(formerly cjhoworth)

Blalron, if you lived in North Carolina, I’d know the perfect woman for you. I have a friend who fits your description exactly. Oddly enough, it’s HER who can’t seem to get into a relationship. For having the above qualities. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why do we always have to be sexually repressed? Can’t we be wild and crazy someday? We could get a reputation, ya know.

I was an extremely sexually non-repressed library assistant, does that count?

My only other contribution of note is that my life-long fantasy is to seduce a cute young door-to-door proselytizer. (If it’s Mormons, we can have a threesome!)

Go find you a nice preacher’s daughter. They’re rebellious and fun.

Um, not to be the devil’s advocate here, but could it be that they have figured out the way to make you magically disappear?

“Sure, I’ll go clubbing with you, Blalron, but first can we stop at my church? I’m scheduled to give the sermon. Blalron? Where’d’ja go?”