Why do I even bother?

I’m really, really sick of being taken for granted. I’ve worked my butt off to try to salvage a roleplaying and out-of-character relationship between a couple of people for the last couple of weeks. Why am I working so hard? Because the woman in the equation is a very dear girl and an excellent writer, with whom I enjoy playing a great deal. It’s the man (the boy, really) who’s the problem. I’d be much happier if I could get rid of him, but if he quits she’ll quit too. So I find myself patching over everything every time he throws an OOC fit every single time his character does something wrong. I’m losing the energy and the will to do this, but I have even less will to give it up and deal with those consequences. And I don’t mind, really, if I can actually make a difference in the end, except that they’ve shown nothing but ingratitude. I’m devoting so much of my energy to trying to fix their shit and never get a thank-you.

I really should just give up. :frowning: Sometimes it’s not worth it to be kind to other people.

This has been your 4AM incoherent rant for the day. Truly mundane and pointless.

It doesn’t sound like anything a 30th level lich can’t solve.

Oh, wait. You want to keep the game going… Well, the lich could bring the whole party back as undead. Then whenever the boy’s character does something foolish and he gets bumped off, the lich could raise him again, although with a bit less flesh and maybe a couple of empty eye sockets. Yep, nothing funnier than a rapidly decaying party.

Well, maybe I should actually try to help. I’ve been a DM for about 20 years. What exactly is it that this fellow’s character tends to do that leads to his out of character fits?

It’s actually free-form RP, so there’s no DM or anything, which is half the problem. His character’s a whiny little bitch, that’s basically the long and short of it. Makes everyone else miserable, and stubborn to the point of insanity when anyone else tries to help him. Then when his character makes a complete and utter bollocks of anything, he takes it personally and cries for an hour about how much he sucks. Meh. You Are Not Your Character is the main tenet of free-form RP and this is getting really aggravating. I think I should just quit.

No DM? How does the story even move along?

It sounds like he has some self-esteem issues. Most of it he is going to have to work through himself. Your group can help him along but it will take a lot of time and patience and you may want to move onto other things if you mind the idea of your group becoming this fellow’s personal tharapy session.

One thing I do to help my players get better at the aspect of playing character different from themselves is to ocassionally hold special games where they don’t get to play their normal characters. I create all the characters and give each one specific personality traits. The characters are then randomly assigned a character. Since the characters are usually a one shot only deal I’ve found that the players usually don’t hold back in their actions. No one is attached to these new characters and so if someone dies, there’s no sense of loss. It’s fun to watch players who typically have bruiser characters suddenly play cowards or negotiators. One of the most remembered sessions we had was in Vampire. I made the party play mortals who ended up meeting their normal characters. I think half of the mortal characters were wiped out. But everyone loved it because it gave them a different perspective on their vampire characters.

So you could try having a one night thing where everyone gets a random character with a random personality. Then maybe he’ll try playing something other than himself.