Why do I get "website blocked due to malware" when I have no browser open?

I use MalwareBytes. Multiple times in the day, it will notify me, “Website blocked due to malware,” “Type: outbound,” even if I have no browser open at all. Why is it blocking websites if I am not accessing any website?

And what does “outbound” mean - that it’s originating from my computer?

When was the last time you did a full scan?

Every day - it’s automatically scheduled. I did one just this morning.

Malwarebyes just tweeted that they are working on a known issue:

Are you getting emails? MB might be scanning your emails and blocking websites linked therein, or hosted images.

What do you have open though? Another application you’re using might be trying to access the web.

I was getting popups every 10 seconds or so, even with no browsers open and a computer restart.

Since I read that Malwarebytes knew about the issue, I temporarily turned Malwarebytes off.

ah thanks!

I was getting this too, this morning. It seems to have stopped on its own, i.e. I didn’t take any action (except I closed and re-opened the browser, but it continued after that, until it stopped).