Why do I keep getting sick?

I don’t get colds of flu much. Maybe once or twice a year. But a month ago I got the flu bad. Last week I had a blocked eustacian tube. This morning I woke up with a cold.

This is starting to piss me off. I don’t like being sick. Should I be concerned? Am I just unlucky this year or could something be wrong with my immune system?

Do you really mean this? :eek:

A “normal” case of the flu leaves you literally bedridden for a least a week. And I mean literally. Standing or even sitting upright for more than 15 minute is almost impossible. Sleeping 16 hours a day is normal. And that’s a mild case of the flu. A bad case of the flu means that you can’t stand unassisted, and you *will * be hospitalised.

A lot of people think that a bad cold is influenza. It ain’t. If you’ve ever had influenza you know the difference.

Assuming you are mistaken then you just had a bad cold a month ago, then everything else is almost certainly related. The infection will have weakened the affected tissues and left you susceptible to further infection.

I dunno about that… see this news story.

If this is correct, a flu infection can result in range of symptoms, from none whatsoever to deadly, and presumably everything in between.

The problem described by the OP is potentially serious, and should not be diagnosed through comments on an anonymous message board. Please consult a medical professional regarding your problem.

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