I'm sick, but I don't know whats wrong.

I woke up this morning feeling really tired and light headed. I took the day off and ended up sleeping about 10 hours through out the day in addition to the seven hours I slept before that. My skin has felt sensitive and I have had diarrhea all day. I almost feel like i have a fever, but it’s not that bad. No chills or runny nose, or sore throat, or cough.

I think I may have just overexerted myself. I’ve been really busy at school and lots has been going on for me during the weekends. I’m moving soon, and last weekend I ran 10K in the sun, the sun may have got to me too.

I’m up right now in the middle of the night, but feel like i could sleep again for another five hours.

This sucks, any ideas what might be wrong with me?

Have you checked your temperature? Sometimes you can have a decent fever and not realize how high it is.

I’m guessing some odd virus you’ll kick in another day or two. If you feel that bad, go see your GP.

I am not a doctor by any means, but I too had “the crud” about a month ago.
My symptoms were far worse - I woke up at about 5:30 AM and thought I was going to die.
Had not been that sick, that quickly, in 20 years at least. Chest pains, ached everywhere, felt weak, couldn’t eat, was totally fatigued.
I slept for 10 hours that day, and called in sick - for the first time in three years. Went back to bed and slept another 10 hours.

Oddly, the very next day I felt great. As if I had never been sick at all.
Two weeks ago, my brother and cousin and wife came to visit. Brother came down with flu and spent his vacation here in bed. My SO got it from him and spend a week in bed. My cousin got back to Illinois and, surprise surprise - also hit the bed - but only for three days.

I would still go to a doctor if I were you…just to make sure you are doing everything right.

Eat anything questionable yesterday? Sounds pretty similar to mild food poisoning.

I had three sausages at a friends place on Saturday night but didn’t start feeling bad until Sunday night. Does it take that long to kick in?

It can take up to 48 hours for food poisoning to rear its ugly head…rest and get some fluids in ya.

As always, Quasimodal, if you’re still feeling sick, please go see a doctor.