I feel like crap and have either a wicked cold or some sort of flu thing.

I ache all over and I’m shivery, although I’ve got the heat cranked up.
I feel like I can only move in slow motion.
I have a ghastly sinus headache that neither Motrin nor aspirin are doing much for.
My throat hurts and I have a cough.
I haven’t eaten in over 24 hours, unless you count an Edy’s frozen strawberry bar.
Luckily I didn’t have to work today - I spent almost 20 hours in bed feeling lousy, half-sleeping and half-reading, just getting up to let the dogs in and out.
I got up a little while ago, caught up on phone calls, took a long hot shower, got dressed…
Then flopped back down onto my bed, worn out from the exertion of showering and getting dressed.

This is the first time in my adult life that I’ve gotten a cold/bug type thing twice in one year - had a similar bug about three months ago. Ugh. I feel like such a wuss!

Do you have a fever?

So now you had to post here and spread all your germs around? Stay in bed and don’t come back until you’re not contagious any more. This is why there’s such a huge computer virus problem.

Oh wait! I just realized you’re probably one of those biological entities. You weren’t generating metaphoric text, you actually had those symptoms. Oh well, hope you get better soon.

Me too. No sinus stuff though. Taking it easy today.

No clue if I have a fever, don’t have a thermometer. Probably not, since I don’t feel hot or sweaty. I feel chilly and shivery. My hands are cold and I’m all bundled up.

thelurking horror, get well soon!

This a germ-free zone. Feel free to post and whine. :slight_smile:

Sounds like what I had starting Christmas night and lasting for 4-5 days. Turned out it was a sinus infection. It sucked. It morphed into a nighttime cough, which lasted until about a week ago. I still have post-nasal drip which makes me have to clear my throat about every ten minutes or so.

That sucker held on longer than any cold I’ve ever had. I hope it’s not what you have.

I took three days off work last week because of this and I’m still not back to 100%. I haven’t been able to multitask all week without screwing things up.

The worst continuing symptom is hard to describe but it’s like my brain is about 50 ft. away and I need to fight to get it to listen to me.

On the plus side I’ve been sleeping 8-9 hrs a night with no issues at all.

Sounds like a lot of us are in the same boat. I’ve had the same thing as corkboard for the last 8 days and would say I’m at 85%. My husband is just getting sick and has a slight fever. 10 people in our office were out this week because of the crud. Get plenty of rest whenever you can and disinfect everything you can just in case you are able to reinfect yourself.

Folks at work have this, including the brain fog. I started getting shivery a few hours ago, so yay, me.

I got a headache and sore throat last week that came with a minor fever - it started in the afternoon at work and I came home, took some NyQuil and zonked out for the night, then woke up in decent enough shape to get to work the next morning. Just needed some Halls for a scratchy throat, and everything else was back to normal. My boss wasn’t so lucky, he got a similar thing over the weekend and it hit him hard enough to keep him home until Wednesday. It’s surprising, because usually I’m hit pretty hard when these things float around the office. I guess I dodged it this time.

Having a fever can often cause the chills, and fevers are also known to cause headaches. If my temperature reaches 101 or more (only a few times in my life, thank og!), I get a wicked headache along with it. Tylenol helps with both fever and aches.

Something else is going around here, a gastro-intestinal thing with bonus headache. I’m very glad I didn’t have to work today. No fever, at least not in my case: my temp’s only 98.1F, which is .3 lower than normal.

The sickest I’ve been this season was a fever (100.4–my body ALWAYS goes to that temperature whenever I have a fever for some reason) that lasted for about 24 hours and then went away. No other symptoms. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop (congestion and sore throat) and it never happened. Very strange, but whatever, I’ll take it.

That being said, I’m always dripping. I’ll be able to breathe just fine, but I always need to blow my nose. Doesn’t matter what season it is, my nose is just continuously running.

I’m sorry. Treat yourself! Chug down as much water (and ice cream or milkshakes) as possible. Maybe a vitamin C pill if you can manage it. Hydration always helps me feel a little bit more human when I’m sick.

Ibuprofen is my miracle drug because it lowers fever and takes care of body aches. I don’t get sick often, but when I do it’s always a nasty bug. I mentally compare my immune system to a very effective team of Navy SEALs–the only thing that can get past it must be very evil, indeed.

I very rarely get sick, but this is the sickest I’ve felt since having dysentery in 1977. Definitely flu. Ran out of Motrin, so will drag myself to the store today for some Tylenol. Or see if someone can bring me some.

I haven’t eaten since Thursday afternoon except for a fruit bar and a small yoghurt but I’ve been drinking tons of OJ, water and cranberry juice. Friend offered to bring me soup but I can’t fathom eating, no gastrointestinal stuff, just no appetite.

/whine. :frowning:

Hope you’re feeling better soon! I’m recovering from a very nasty viral thing myself - I woke up two Sunday’s ago feeling dizzy and lightheaded which continued throughout the day. Sad thing was, it was our last day of a trip to New York so I wasn’t able to enjoy it. Then on the flight home there was a little bit of turbulence and I was puking my guts out. I then spent the entire week in bed, only getting up on the Sunday. Went to the doctors on Monday, ‘oh, it’s some viral thing, have a few more days at home.’ So I ended up having seven days sick leave from work (Tuesday to Wednesday the following week) which I have NEVER done before! And I still feel pretty shit…

January of 2010, I had the flu over the course of 5 days or so - “classic” flu with fever, aches and chills. Got over that well enough and thought I was set for the rest of the winter. Two weeks later, waddaya know? Same symptoms, then add in monumental vomiting, sore throat, coughing and waddaya got? H1N1! Oh, goody! Called my doctor with list of symptoms (all of them except the most extreme cyanonsis), so we didn’t test, but was told to stay home a minimum of two days after symptoms subsided.

Well, I couldn’t really do that. Stayed home three days and then went to work with a surgical mask for two days, and stayed away from my boss who was unvaccinated and pregnant at the time. I felt like a leper, plus wearing a mask for a full shift sucks. I vowed never again and got the flu shot these last two winters and haven’t gotten my usual colds, either.

I blame entering my 40th decade on the new decrepitness.

Get better soon, chiroptera!

I wish you well and feel your pain. Not sure what other response to give other than my own recent anecdote.

I went on vacation recently and visited friends with sick kids. I thought myself fairly robust and invulnerable but no I got sick. My mom (I’m 37 and uninsured) made me go to a clinic. I have to say, after being unimpressed by doctors in general and severely pissed off by the radical incompetence of a walk in clinic I’d been to before, this clinic was impressive. The wait time was not ridiculous, the doctor did not just throw antibiotics at me mindlessly, and I saw the doctor spend some time writing and printing out my treatment instructions. Color me surprised and impressed.

I reckon you have a bad cold. What some people call “The 24 Hour Flu” or similar, only it’s not influenza, so shots won’t have had any effect.

I get that kind of thing every couple of years or so. It totally sucks, then when it passes it’s such a relief you almost bound back with energy a week later.

Wow. No wonder your immune system is weak.