I hate being sick

I’ve got the flu folks. It’s the first day of May, the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and people are getting together for a little softball, a few beers and a lot of laughs. What am I doing? I’m still in my pajamas, I have a headache from hell, and I’m coughing my lungs out. Called the doc, he told me “Yep, you’ve got the flu alright, stay in bed, drink plenty of fluids and put plenty of garlic in your food.”

I hate being sick. I’m not sick enough to just lay around unconscious, so on top of it all, I’m bored. There’s nothing on TV, because apparently people are not supposed to watch TV during the day after spring equinox. I’m reading a pretty darn good book, but as I said, I have a headache and I can’t find my glasses. I can’t even be pampered, because my SO is at his place, just as sick as I am, and we’re both to miserable to go see eachother.

And while I love the Straight Dope, there’s not a lot of activity this time of the day. So, basically, the boards are a wee bit boring too.

Feh, I’ll just go take a shower now. I stink.

Hope you feel better after your shower, Soda.

I sympathize. I don’t have anything as bad as the flu; just an annoying cold. But it’s not bad enough to skip work, so here I am, trying to get through meetings without making any sort of gross snorting noises or blowing my nose 75,486 times. Where does the snot come from???

Feel better soon! Have lunch outside!

Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou vix. I was beginning to think no one in the whole world cared if I live or die, or if I cough up a lung. And then, there you are, like an angel from heaven, offering me such warm and sweet comfort. I think I’m going to cry…

Can you tell I’m seriously miserable? And lonely? And feverish?

I feel with you Soda.
I hate being sick too.
I’ve just started to getting better from a nasty cold
with a terribal headach with it,
had it for 2 weeks.
And the guilty one for giving it to me is Montfort,
but I forgive him.:wink:
You know why?
Because I love him.:slight_smile:

Ett tips som jag fick från en Finska en gång
mot hosta är, värm mjölk med lite lök och ingefära i.
Jag har bara provat det ett par gånger,
och det hjälpte faktiskt.

Awww… I’m sorry you’re feeling neglected, Soda, so I’ll post again!


Here, have a tissue. (They’re the kind with lotion!)

I hear Zinc helps too… suposed to slow the replication of the virus, should give your body time to fight it off. I need to go and look up the excat mechanism of that now… ugh.

If it makes you feel better I got allergies that are kicking my butt right now, and I’m at work.

Things should pick up online during the US business day. What are you reading, BTW? Well, better now than when the pub band goes on tour… I’ll send you some cybersoup.

Your head groupie, Lurker.
P.S. Loved your kid stories the other day. That kid’s dad is never gonna live down his show-an-tell… LOL.

Oh people, I love you all, I think I’m going to cry again… The worst part about being sick (for me) is that I get so emotional, I can burst out in tears within seconds. So if you think I’m not sincere here, think again.

You know Anniz, my SO gave me this friggin’ flu. I can’t blame him though, because he’s worse off than I am, and besides, I love him. :slight_smile: I think I’ll pass on that onion and ginger in warm milk thing, I don’t want to start puking my guts out on top of everything.

Thanks vix, ::phhhrrrttt:: I really needed that.

Zinc eh? I think there’s zinc in my multivitamins. How much do I need?

Great soup, lurker. Now if you could send me some cyber ice cream too, that’d be great. I’m reading a thriller by Val McDermid, Killing the Shadows. Pretty good.
P.S. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Um, that was supposed to be ::phhhrrrrttt::

ice cream? Sure - Rocky Road? Cookie dough? both? whipped cream and walnuts, with hot fudge and a cherry on top. Remember, cyber ice cream has no calories, go wild…

I’m home sick with a migraine today. But right now, at 4pm, I actuallly feel better than I have in several days.

Friday nite on my way into the city to meet some Dopers, I get hit with it, but I pop some Imitrix and it goes away (or so I thought) before it gets too bad. Saturday afternoon it kicks in again, buit I take another Imitrix, and it lets up. Saturday nite on the way home from a party I get hit with it again (this, after trying to convince someone there that no, they don’t know what causes migraines, and no, they’re not really sure how to treat them, either). No big deal, I’m on my way home to sleep anyway, so I take a painkiller and go to bed. I wake up feeling edgy, but not bad so I go out and have lunch with friends. It kicks in again Sunday afternoon. I take painkillers again and relax on the couch late Sunday afternoon and Sunday evening, and go to bed early. Monday morning, still edgy, but off I go to work, and I can’t take any painkillers because I know I’m rebounding and it will just come back again. Monday afternoon it kicks in again, and by Monday night at ten I’m puking my guts out and feel like someone is jamming an ice pick in my right temple at the same frequency as my heart it beating. I’m thinking that if it doesn’t get any better, it’s off the emergency room. Luckily it eased up a bit by morning, and right now I’m functional. Feeling well, no, but functional yes.

And it’s an absolutely beautiful day here. But if I were at work, I wouldn’t be enjoying it, either. :sigh:

Hope you’re feeling better soon, Soda.

I am sorry that you aren’t feeling well. I, too, haven’t been feeling well, but I am used to having sinus problems; It is the headaches that are killing me. These headaches aren’t as bad as a flu or migraine, so I send out the wish that you and everyone who is sick is (or will be soon) feeling better.

Awwww, Soda…

Sorry you feel so awful. Can’t do much from this far away, but here’s a hug and some healing thoughts.



Commisserations, Soda. Get well soon.

I’m sick too. I never get sick, so I don’t know what to do with myself. Mostly, I’m posting a lot of drivel on SDMB.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be slumped over in the corner, feeling sorry for myself.

I comisserate, Soda.

My sickness has robbed me of my ability to spell, and has imbued me with anal retention about my spelling at the same time! It’s a curse!

Can anyone commiserate?

Oh, people you truly warm my heart…

I had an awful night, tossing and turning and sweating and freezing. I called the doc again, told him I can’t be this sick so he agreed to see me this morning.

Right now, I’m having cookies and milk for breakfast. I think that’s ok when you’re as miserable as I am.

I wouldn’t mind it so much if it hadn’t been for the fact that I have a paper due on Thursday. I haven’t started yet. I e-mailed my professor and she wouldn’t give me an extension, she just said that there would be another opportunity later.

On Friday, I’m supposed to go see the sweetest nephew in the world. My brother and SIL said that it’s probably okay if I come anyway, but I can’t be this tired. I have to be able to play airplane…

And for all of you who are feeling as crummy as I am, I can only say that I would commisserate if I didn’t think I was the most miserable person in the world… :wink:

Chicken soup, ice cream and blankets to all!!

You say “sick”, like it’s a bad thing!

Aw man, nuthin’ worse than the flu.
I had it a few weeks ago and was so out of it that I actually watched Ricki Lake. I know, I know, Ms. Lake is a fate worse than death, but that just shows you how sick I was.
I remeber when I was little and I was sick my Gramma would make me Jello with fruit cocktail in it. I loved finding that 1/2 a cherry. hmmmm. Gotta love Gramma cuisine.

oh, and feel better soon!!