Could I have some virtual hugs please

I am not asking for medical advice and if things get any worse I will be seeing my doctor.
So it is 3:39 am oz time and I feel like crap. I have been coming down with the flu
and now it has hit me like a brick truck. Warning excessive winging follows Coff coff hack hack blow nose spit (cry a little bit because of the pain in my head, chest and throat) lather rinse repeat. I am sooooo tired but lying down seems to make the coughing worse - but sitting up makes my headache worse. And everything is seems worse because it is 3:46 am. It sucks to be alone when you are sick - mum and dad have been great though because they dropped off a heap of frozen food (while being careful to keep their distance - which I understand but it does not help my current feelings of isolation)
I’m sooo tired and I feel bad and I want somene to stroke my fevered brow and tell me I will be allright (and feed my animals, clean my house, bring me hot lemon drinks, go tot eh chemist for me and all those other things that just aint gonna happen)

Here endith the pity party

I’d be happy to give you a hug so long as you’re wrapped up in plastic wrap.

hugs Come in to my arms and rest your fevered head on my comfy chest. Don’t worry about your drippy nose, my old flannel robe has seen worse things in it’s day.

Now, feel better?

Let me toddle off to the kitchen and get that hot tea for ya. Then I’m going to tackle the pile of tissues that have missed the trash and feed the wee ones.

(I don’t know why, when I’m around sick people, the grandmother inside of me comes creeping out. Not that i’m old enough or physically capable of being a grandmother)

No fun! Sending out a wish for a speedy recovery!

Get well soon - being ill is all sorts of not-fun!

I hope you’ve managed to sleep by the time you read this and the day is looking a bit better. If it’s not, go to the doctor!


I feel pretty safe hugging you, since I’m 99% sure I’ve already had the swine flu. And in the US at least, that’s the only flu that’s going around now.

Mr. Neville had the swine flu a few weeks ago. His temperature got up to 103, and he was miserable. Not fun. It wasn’t that bad when I had it, but it still was no fun.

I’ll come and feed your animals and go to the chemist for you (that’s what we Yanks would call a drug store, right?), if you’ll pay my air fare and explain to my work why I’m gone. I can cook, too.

Oh, hugs!!
Obviously, the animals need to be fed, but cleaning can wait until you feel better, when you can “catch up with it” a little at a time as your slowly increasing energy levels allow!

Meantime, be as kind to yourself as you can. Do the bare minimum of what absolutely needs to be done!

Oh, and here’s my favorite drink when I’m sick:

Get out a big mason jar with a handle.

Fill 1/4 of the way with orange juice
Now fill 3/4 of the way with Grape Juice or Grape/Raspberry juice.
Top the last 1/4 with grapefruit soda of some kind (Fresca or the store brand.)

I don’t know why, but it cleans out the yucky taste from my mouth and makes me feel better every time. I will often pour that for myself, run myself a hot bath, and sit in the tub sipping it while letting the steam work on my congestion. A light read is always nice too, along with the cell phone and a towel nearby (to wipe your hands for page turning and phone answering.)

When I was all alone out in the mountains of Colorado, this was my “hugs” when I was sick.

A hot toddy for you young lady. Irish whiskey, honey, a couple of cloves and some boiling water. It’s too hot to drink right away so just inhale the fumes until it’s cool enough, then drink and sleep. No eating - your body will be digesting food while it’s trying to fight off the lurgy.

Huggles as my kid would say. :smiley:

“Eww, Grandma, gross! We want cookies, not used tissues!”

(sorry, couldn’t resist. :slight_smile: )

Hope you feel better soon, madrabbitwoman!

Me too, madrabbitwoman! Snuffle I’ve been sick for days and even though I am lucky enough to have a [del]cabana boy[/del] fiance who makes me soup and buys me cough syrup it is still full of suckage. I have been sleeping in the recliner because laying in bed makes me feel like I am going to suffocate to death and I need to be sitting up a bit. Walking to and from the bathroom wears me out. My throat is all fucked up and I am sick of lemon tea. And this must be over tomorrow because I have a flight to catch on Wednesday and I can’t miss it. That also means my fiance can’t catch this either since he is on the same flight.

If I could send you some nyquil through your monitor I would. Here’s hoping we both feel better soon!

I could give you the advice that gorgonzola gave me when I had flu: take as much of that codeine linctus as you want, it won’t hurt!

Um, unless it’s in a Sorbitol base…

Go the Mersyndol and Ribena.

Yay - well a coff coff sniffle coff splork sort of yay. I dont have the swine flu. I do have a bacterial infection for which I got a jab in the bum and some pills.

I did get to wear one of those terribly trendy masks while I was at the Drs - made my glasses fog up.

Well, the good news is that you’ll probably feel better a few hours after the jab.

I made some turkey stock yesterday, I’ll heat it up and throw in some egg noodles, that’ll help you feel better. But I’m not going to hug you. I’m allergic to five kinds of antibiotics, and don’t want to take any chances.

One of the names of the flu in Spanish is trancazo, beating, because it sure feels like someone should have jotted down the plate number of the truck that ran you over. Of course that’s not a technical name :slight_smile:

Here, have some: {{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}

I’ve got swine flu - diagnosed today. Was unavoidable seeing as 70 odd snotty kids go through my classroom each week.

I feel like shit. The teenager came home from school and very kindly made me a drink, then roughed over the nine year old so there’s screaming and tears downstairs. I want to join them…

Apologies all round and all is quiet again - for the next five minutes. Sob, sniff.

You can’t do anything to get a flu to go away. It’s the universe’s and your body’s way to tell you to sit back and relax. I got a whooping cough (upper tract infection) and I am just taking the opportunity to be irresponsible, lazy and sleepy.


I just got over the flu. My sympathies to you.

Drink some hot toddies. They won’t cure what you have, but after the second one, you won’t care any more that you’re sick. :smiley:

here beginith the pity party

Arrrgggggg I want to cry:(:(:(:(:frowning:
Soon as i finished the antibiotics the danm infection has flared up again. gah gah gah. With added extras too - coff coff coff pee hack coff gack empty bladder coff hack gack throw up.
I’m 36 and Im having to wear a nappy:eek::eek::eek:
I have so much stuff I need to do (some of which involved getting paid) I REALLY wanted to sing at carols by candlelight this weekend (as part of my church singing group) I’m tired and I want to cry

Here endith the pity party

Well, you’re in no shape to have any other kind of fun, might as well enjoy a nice pity party!

Hope you feel better really soon!