I hate being sick

I pit the crud.

Last night, it hit me like a truck. Chills, fever, nausea.

I don’t need this…

<hands Clothahump a Kleenex>

Here is some hot tea. And the remote. <fluffs pillow>

You mean as opposed to those of us who *love *being sick? :slight_smile:

Hope you are feeling better soon!

As an asthmatic, I hate staying sick. I been better from this flu since last Saturday… except for a fluidic cough and the endurance of a soaked pidgeon.

I currently have a tissue stuck up my nose because it won’t stop running. I feel your pain!

I kinda like being sick every once in a while.

No really. The experience of being ill is a unique thing, and when it’s over, it feels sooooo good to not be sick anymore, it’s almost worth it.

You gotta look on the bright side of life, you know?

Dude don’t do that…let it run! If you stop it up with a tissue it’s just going to find another way out of your head - like through your EYEBALLS!

Sorry to hear you’re unwell. Although I don’t normally agree with you on much, I hope you feel better soon and I agree with this pitting 100%.

Sick sux.

I actually like feeling sick when it first comes over me. Achy = go to bed early. Chilly = pull the blankets up.

But I HATE being sick after that first day. I enter self-pity mode: poor me! I’m sick! How many days until I feel well again? What meds can I take to speed up my recovery? Why doesn’t everyone realize how shitty I feel, and how lucky they are to be healthy? I am sick, goddamnit, and how can the world continue to function when I AM SICK? HAS ANYONE EVER FELT LIKE I FEEL? How many sick days can I take without pissing off the boss?

Feel better, Clothahump.

My eyeballs?! Pulls tissue out of nose

I’m nursing a bad cold, waiting on the Dayquil to kick in.

The thing that gives me the most instant relief: liquid vitamin C, i.e., juice. I found some Minute Maid lemonade; it has only 15 cal per serving, which is good when you guzzle a lot of it.

Gargling with warm salt water is also good if you have a sore throat.


It ain’t the crud.

I’ve been so sick that it wasn’t until yesterday around noon that I realized my right leg was hurting. SWMBO got home, took one look at and dragged me to the doctor.

I have a staph infection. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

I feel like a pincushion right now. I’ve had two massive shots of antibiotics and lots of blood drawn. I just got back from a visit, and I go again tomorrow and Monday.

Mongo not happy camper. :frowning:

I’m sorry to hear you’re ill and hoping you have a quick recovery.

I’m coughing and blowing out green stuff (lovely, huh?) plus my ears are completely plugged up and starting to hurt. I have midterms this week, I don’t have time for an ear infection!!!

Went to the doctor. He looked in my ears and said he wouldn’t consider it a problem until I have had it for 10 days. Wow really? Bastard. I’m going to another doctor tomorrow.

Sorry, Clothahump. Poor baby. Ever try drinking jello made with hot water? It sounds awful, but it feels good to the throat.

Staph infection needs a lot of careful attention. Nothing to fool around with. Do you have someone to look after you?

Take care.

You have a staph infection? Geez, ever since I got MRSA it seems like everyone is getting staph. I hope you feel better soon.

I’m glad SWMBO “dragged” you to a doctor - Staph is nothing to mess around with.

Feel better soon.

I had a really nasty cold last week that has settled into a ‘sort of sick but not enough to stay in bed’ cold this week. And it seems that I have no tolerance for cold medicine anymore. I took nyquil last night and today I feel rather dizzy and have that all over ‘fuzzy’ feeling.

This really sucks.

Your leg? What, some kind of lesion that got infected?

Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery, guy, and props to SWMBO for getting you in to a professional.