Why do I keep stubbing my damn toe?!

I broke my right pinky toe last December by whacking it on my tv stand as I ran around my coffee table to get food during a commercial.

Well, it finally heeled, and then I whacked it on my bathroom door jamb while having a midnight pee.

Not two hours ago I went and whacked it again on my bathroom door jamb. Now the nail is bloody and oh-so painful.

I swear, I should cut the damn toe off with a rusty pair of pruning shears. Grrr!!!

If you can currently walk without too much pain, try walking in a straight line down a hall or something. Pay attention to what your right leg does–see if you’re swinging it out a little on each step. Little habits like that can develop while you have an injured leg or foot, and swinging a foot outside shoulder-width is a good way to stub a toe again. If that’s what you’re doing, at least you’ll know what habit you need to break.

In the meantime, I sympathize. Stubbing a toe sucks.

I used to be bad about stubbing my toe (like, splitting-the-big-toe-nail-in-half bad), until I found a simple solution. House slippers.

There’s no shame in installing padded walls (and furniture) in your house.

Something simple, I know, but are you truly looking where you are going? I’m terrible about running into things and usually, it’s because I’m not really looking down.

Oh, man, I sympathize. I cracked my bare nekkid big toe hard against the metal facing of a step as I was ascending earlier today. I saw stars and wanted to cry.

For me it’s my left pinkie toe. It’s basically a maraca with a split nail now. monstro called it. Slippers help a lot. I resisted for years, but it’s true.

I think Balance is on to something, to. Sort of like when you bite the inside of your lip and raise a welt and then keep biting the same spot. Maybe by favoring your hurt foot you’re throwing it out into the danger zone.

I hope you get it solved soon. Pain with every step is awful.

Are you sick? When I get a bad head cold, I literally walk into walls. I think my inner ear gets messed up, and my sense of space gets wonky.

I keep burning my hands on the oven and slicing my fingers when I’m chopping food, but I think it’s just because I cook a lot. I really would love to stop doing these things though!

Slipper tip: Crocs. I rarely wear them out of the house, but Crocs as houseshoes are da bomb. I have fur-lined numbers for winter and regular for summer.