Why do I no longer see the Google Doodle when I go to Google?

I used to. Now, nothing.

Is there a setting I should know about?


Are you logged in? AFAIK, you don’t see them when you are logged in to Google. I haven’t seen one in like 4 years.

I tried logging out but am usually logged in - no dice with either.

Depends on what day it is - there’s not a doodle up every day.

I’m usually logged in and I see them…when there’s one to see. But there’s only one to see like, what, 3 or 4 times a month maybe.

I’m logged in, using the latest google chrome, and the doodle (if there is one) comes up fine, eg a few days ago I saw the tour de france one

Hmmm. I haven’t seen one in a dog’s age.

But, I’ll keep looking.


Are you searching from a search bar or from your browser’s pre-set home page? The doodles only show up if you go directly to google.com

And here’s a gallery of the old ones.

Check it today… should see Franz Kafka’s birthday doodle.

It’s buggy.

Nope. Not there. And, I tried it while I was signed in and again after signing out. Maybe Google banned me.

(ETA: That was with Chrome. No luck with Safari, either.)

Delete your temporary internet files. Maybe your browser is using a cached Google page.

I think I figured it out.

When I use or go to google.com, there is no doodle.

But, if I go to google.ca (I’m in Canada), bingo, it’s there.

I still don’t understand why it should be that way.

I don’t remember the last time I’ve gone to Google’s home page… what’s the point, other than seeing the doodle?

For like searching for things, maybe.

That’s not a reason to go to the home page. Every modern browser has a search box that does the same thing in one less click.

Oh good, 'cause I was worried about running out of clicks.

Semi-educated wag: Google frequently does local interest doodles only visible when you use country-specific addresses like google.ca. ISTR that sometimes they prefer to exclude certain countries from seeing a global doodle, for PC reasons. So it appears they’ve fixed it so people outside the U.S. have to use their local domain to see only those doodles they’ve decided are PC in that country.


If ever a post should’ve had one of these :rolleyes:, that was surely the one. :stuck_out_tongue: