Do you ever click on the Google doodle?

I do sometimes. Usually I will hover over it with my mouse pointer, at least, just to see what it says and (if it’s a birthday) who the person is…
…but sometimes, if I don’t recognize the name (like today, I didn’t know who the person was), I will click on it just to see what made that person famous.

Learned something new today… the name of the person who first made the link between potatoes and lushes (put basically).

What’s a google doodle?

Score keepers:
Count that as a “no”.

It’s the little graphic Google puts on their homepage for special events. Sometimes they animate or are interactive. There’s usually one or two per week*, though some are localised to specific countries.

Like the OP, I click on them occasionally for more info if it seems interesting. Maybe twice a year, though.

*Actually looks like they’re way more frequent now.

Sometimes; although I am more likely just to save the graphic if it’s cute.

I’m never on the Google home page, so no. I have occasionally checked it out when someone has said that it’s particularly cool that day. Like, under five times, ever.

Pretty much every day. Google is my default browser, so it’s always up. If I don’t know what the doodle is, I hover.

Um, Google isn’t a browser.

Anyway: I switched to Google as my default search engine very early on in part because of the clean, simple page. Once the doodles and other crap started up, I blocked them.

Nothing to see, nothing to click.

Seldom - the graphic has to pique my interest.

That said, Eva Ekeblad is my new favorite person in the world:

I never considered the Swedes party people to the extent that they were starving themselves to keep the liquor flowing (bikini team notwithstanding).

Often. Especially the ones that are games. I still play the Google Doodle Pac Man sometimes.

I’d say there was a new one up at least every other day.

I search from the address bar, as God intended. :wink:

I click when it’s animated or I have no clue to whom it refers.

Seriously? Have you ever met any Swedes? (sorry to hijack, but really? really?!?) Pretty much all Scandinavian countries drink hard, but the Swedes and the Fins scare me.

I click on the google doodle when I notice it and I don’t know who/what it’s about. It’s 30 seconds of education.

Yeah, pretty often and especially some of the game doodles. The recent cricket game was addictive! As mentioned above, the Pac Man doodle was cool, too.

That’s also my modus operandi.

yes, whenever I see them I at least look to see what it is about. when it’s a game I try it.
I am still making music with this one

I always do. I learn things that way. For example, today I learned that potato vodka was invented by [Chekov]a little old lady from Sweden[/Chekov], Eva Ekeblad.

Plus, I enjoy how they work their name into the art, and I especially enjoy some of their interactive doodles.

I never seem to remember that doing so will search for them. I’m more likely to see the name and google it.

Though I don’t see it very often, due to Google’s weird decision to make you click to see the Doodle if you have a theme on Chrome. And there’s no way to override that. If that wasn’t there, I’d see a lot more Doodles.