Why do I only have to pee *after* I get comfortable?

I swear, I never have to pee until it’s horribly inconvenient. I’ll get settled in to bed, really into a book, or otherwise comfortable/occupied, and – not five minutes later – I’m up and heading for the commode. Does anyone else experience this phenomenon?

What causes this?

Yes, double-posts are bad – I just forgot to change the notifications for this thread. ^_^; I apologize!

Maybe it’s because you’ve relaxed that your body releases its grip as it were and says, “NOW.”

That’s about what Mom figured, too. Oh, god, road-trips with me are NOT fun – Every. Other. Rest. Stop. (Or it feels like it, at least…)

I’ve wondered about the in bed thing myself. When we’re upright, our badders are in a different position than when we’re prone, so the urine must shift too. Does that account for the sensation of “needing” to go, when we get up and barely pee?

I’ve wondered that, too. Hey, do we have any MDs on the boards?

I have always assumed it’s because when you’re active, your brain is receiving many signals. A low-level need to urinate is competing for attention with all the other things you are doing. When you get comfortable and remain still, that signal can now be heard clearly because there is nothing else going on.

This happens to me too. I wonder if when Im active and busy my body is more focused on the tasks at hand. When Ive had a chance to loosen up I can hear the less important messages in my body’s network like “go pee” or “your back hurts a little” or “the top of your head itches.” Or what muttrox said. :slight_smile: