Why Do I Smell Dry Pasta When Clipping Toe Nails?

Hey, I am VERY clean, and I worked up the nerve to ask, so lay off!!


Since I was little I found this to be true… any real reason?

I could see the Straight Dope Cartoonist work wonders with this question.

A big pot of toe nails boiling water. Standing over it would be a bare foot chef with a chefs hat on.

The few times I’ve noticed any smell in association with my toenail cutting activities, it was because I had a toenail fungus.

It’s not pasta, it’s Feetos™.

I’m curious. You must have quite a sniffer. What specifically is a “dry pasta smell”. I opened a carton of dry spaghetti (San Georgio) just because of this thread and sniffed it and it was as I had remembered… ie that dry pasta smells more or less like… nothing. Nothing at all. There is no discernable scent even when I had the bundle of cool, dry spaghetti noodles pressed against my upper lip and arrayed at the base of my nose.

I’m apparently scent blind. What is this smell all about? Please be descriptive. I feel like Plato’s man in the cave.

Would that be a naked chef over a pot of feet? Or perhaps you meant to say “barefoot chef?”

Not so sure, it could be Feettucine.

or maybe spaghetti and Feetballs?


      • Mostca-toe-li-?

Honestly, I was suppressing the urge to ask this board what force of nature can so tightly cram the lint into the gap at the side under the nail.

What causes the cheesy smell of it when you eventually get it out of there would have been my secondary question. Can we pin it down on one specific fungus, yeast, bacterium, or whatnot? It does not smell like the normal stinky socks smell caused by your average micrococci and corynebacteria.

Any attempt to keep this thread straight will likely prove futilli.

lieu is such a pessimist, orzo I’ve heard.

BTW, here’s a link to the original Feetos thread.

Let me be the first to apologize for hijacking this GQ thread. It drives me couscous when people do it to me, and I really didn’t mean for it to get so out of hand.