Why do I wake up exhausted when its raining?

Looked in the archives, but didn’t see anything…

I’ve noticed that on rainy days, I will wake up exhausted, even with a normal night’s sleep, and no tossing and turning. Those are the days that I will keep snoozing the alarm clock, and get to work late. I don’t realize it’s nasty out until after I’m in the shower and functional.

Some other people have noticed a possible correlation as well. Does anyone know if I’m crazy (at least about this) or if I’m not, why?

Thank you,
Jen Howland

Your name ain’t Elphaba, is it? :stuck_out_tongue:

I find it harder to wake up if the sun isn’t shining, so in the winter or when it’s raining it’s harder to get out of bed. No idea if that’s physical or psychological though.

Just a WAG but is it possible that you have some mild form of sleep apnea that’s affected by humidity?

I have no idea if humidity would affect something like that, but I’m aware that a feeling of waking up tired is a symptom of apnea.

Do you perhaps have a tin roof, over you or nearby? My guess is your sleep is being disturbed by the noise of the rain, but it’s not waking you up far enough that you remember it.

Do you have windows in your room? (That allow for lots of sunshine)

I can’t ren’t remember exactly what it’s called but the Sun light (or lights in general) stimulate that part in your brain that tells you to wake up.
Sorry for being so vague…

It does.
There’s a bunch of, as far as I can tell, poorly documented research on sudden changes in atmospheric pressure causing decreased alertness, jitteryness, migraines and the like. IIRC, Russians and Bulgarians were involved, so even if you dig it up, it’ll be hard to evaluate.
I do know that weather fronts, with or without precipitation, mess with my sleep.

Some people do get tired when its rainy and miserable out. I know I sometimes do, however much I like the sound of raindrops.

Rain always kicks up my seasonal allergies (plus I’m allergic to mold). Fatigue is my most pronounced symptom, and rainy mornings are a real trial for me. Perhaps you have allergies?

I also have this problem and for me it’s definitely cause by lack of sunshine. I still don’t get up when the sun is shining but only because I’m lazy and the bed is comfortable.

That’s my guess, the sound prevent a sleep as deep as normal.

How does that explain how he sleeps better when it’s sunny (or not raining at least)?

He didn’t say he slept better, just that he wakes up tired when it’s raining. For me, it’s like I never quite wake up on a rainy morning At least, it takes me much longer to do so than on a bright sunny day.