Why do my earphone muffs always turn orange?

Simple enough question, I’m sure there’s a fairly simple answer - my guess is either sunlight or sweat or some combination of the two. For me, it happens primarily around the front of the phone muff, and also to some extent around the edges in general, data consonant with both of the prevailing theories, as it were. Anyone know anything about this?

ear wax?

Do you use any acne preparations that contain benzoyl peroxide? It can bleach or discolor fabrics, etc.

Just a guess…

this always happens to me too, I always assumed that it was my blush or makeup rubbing off onto the headphones, but I could be wrong.

In fact, I do…I’ll have to ask the person who brought this up to me and asked me to post the question whether they do as well. Further details as events warrant.