For hairdressers - Brassy Blondes

I was sitting in a meeting this AM and noticed that a woman I work with had this beautiful taffy colored hair a couple of weeks ago and now it is kind of reddish orange. Why does this happen? I remember a few years ago I did the same thing. I got tired of continuing to re-bleach my hair (not to mention it dries it all out) so I just dyed it back red and was done with it. I thought it was because my hair was red to begin with but this woman is a brunette and her hair is still turning red/orange. What causes this and what can be done to prevent it. Is her hair picking up some sort of mineral from the water?

I thought taffy could be just about any color. . . .?

Good point, it wasn’t green it was really blonde (not Marilyn Monroe platinum but a natural butter color)

IANAH but I used to have a naturally blonde girlfriend. We had well water with a very high iron content and she started to get rust-colored hair. The effect was slow and subtle, though, and probably doesn’t explain the dramatic change you’re describing. Maybe she redyed her hair? A botched do-it-yourself bleach job can leave orangey hair, but you’re saying it started out a nice blonde and then regressed.

Yeah, when my hair changed, I thought it was iron in the water. I lived in Europe and righ beside a big mountain that was largely iron ore…not sure on this one though, maybe she does have well water but I doubt it. maybe i should ask her “Hey, why is your hair orange…” Okay maybe not.

I recomend the following conversational gambit:

You: “Hey, I noticed your hair has been picking up some reddish highlights lately, I think it looks really good on you.”

She:"Really? I had the dye touched up by a different guy…

The better you know her, the more info you will get this way.

Then there were all those blonde kids in high school who were on the water polo or swim teams; their hair would turn green in the spring from all the chlorine in the water.