Why do my sound clips load like this?

I have a web site (which you can find in my profile if you are so inclined) since we’re a band the site has MP3s you can listen to. These are clips from live and studio recordings of the group not entire songs, just clips. Here’s what happens:

You double click the MP3 you want to listen to, a new window opens, the MP3 loads and starts playing, then stops/skips then starts again further into the song. If, at this point, you stop the playback and start it again the clip plays in its entirety with no problems.

My website designer noticed it too but doesn’t know why it’s doing that. I don’t think it’s my clips because they played fine on my previous site (which is why I also don’t think it’s my computer)

Any ideas why we get the skip in the beginning?

If the clips are streaming live from the site (i.e. they’re being played as they’re being downloaded) then the player probably ends up playing through it faster than it can download it, and once it catches up to where the download is it halts until it has enough material to play again. I don’t know why it might actually skip a bit – it should continue from where it last left off – but that may be a glitch in the player, your audio drivers, or something of that nature.

Interesting. I just tried it on my work laptop and didn’t get the skip (don’t know why I never tried that before). Maybe it is the player.