Why do my toes "curl" with pleasure?

A friend of mine pointed it out to me, when I was eating.
He said: “You must really like that - your toes are curling!”

Yes, I was really enjoying the taste (rich chocolate icecream! Mmm!) - but why heckity would that make my toes curl? I’ve noticed it on other pleasurable occasions since. (I don’t think it’s a conscious action.)

So what is this? Some primordial reflex? A lingering “baby” behaviourism? Is it just me?

I had an incredibly tacky Environmental Sciences prof - who spent his off hours scamming on co-eds - proclaim that one’s toes curl during orgasm due to the genetic primate memory of needing to hold on to something when having sex in a tree.

No, I am not kidding. No, I don’t know if it is true. And no, I don’t know if sharing that “fact” got him in with the co-eds…

But it’s not everyone either. I know someone whose toes curl in response to sensual pleasures as you describe, but mine don’t.

I’ve found that if I curl my toes about 100 times, I start to feel a pleasurable sensation in my groin. No explanation, but it’s interesting.

Ooooh, you’re so bad, ultrafilter! Trying to get hundreds of dopers to curl until their feet cramp up! Shame!


That’s an unintended possible benefit. :wink:

Nonetheless, I was being entirely serious when I wrote that. Any idea what’s going on?

Endorphins. That’s my one size fits all answer for oddball physiology questions.

Let’s stop, my toes are getting tired.

Wow, I get a pleasurable sensation in my groin after about 3 curls. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just get a foot cramp. No fair.

Mr Goo and I have wondered about this often. I don’t do it at all, but he does it regularly. Particularly when he’s getting very close to an orgasm.

T.G.I.F Toes go in first. When you really get turned on do you get hammer toe? If you are gay do you get bunions? Must be from all the “This little piggie went to.”.

My toes splay when…um.


Go ahead and 'splain THAT one, Dr. Endorphin Man.



Is this reflex related at all to the “kneading” reflex of cats? (i.e., adult cats often flex their paws when being petted, etc., in theory b/c the same kneading paw movements of kittens against the mother cat’s belly increases lactation).

Here, first link I found:


So keep that in mind next time you’re … um … doing the “happy dance.”