toe curling sex

How come my toes curl up when I reach orgasm?
Do I have some kind of neurological disorder?

Cannot talk from a medical point of view, but my sexual experience states that when everything is working right curling-toed is quite common.

It means you have a good partner. Stick with him/her.

What makes you think he has a partner.

Sex is just like Euchre. You want a good partner or a good hand.

Unfortunately I don’t remember the source, but I recall reading once that toes curling was an involuntary reflex during orgasm. This was in answer to an inquiry on how to tell if he/she is faking it. Personally, every time I’ve paid attention, I’ve noticed mine curl.

A man got lucky and took his dat home. As he is scrwing her he looks down and notices her toes curling rythmically with his movement. With ever thrust, her toes curl… Now he has never seen this before so he asks her why her toes curl and she says… (drumroll)… you were so anxious you didn’t let me take off my pantyhose! :slight_smile:

LOL :slight_smile:

But partner or not, my toes curl, too. So I guess it’s normal (that’s solipsism for you!).

You think THAT’S lucky…you should have seen what I did with my CD-Rom!

danke danke

I am here all the week.

yeah, I just realised the post is full of typos <sigh> I get kind of excited when I talk about sex… I think I might need to get one of those one-hand keyboards I saw mentioned in another thread :wink:

The rumor I heard was that it was an evolutionary trait passed down from when we were all monkeys not wanting to fall out of trees so we’d naturally curl our toes to keep a hold of the branch.

Any other fun ideas?

As far as needing a method to check for “Faking It”
I would assume the rythmic, vaginal contractions that occur during orgasm, would be the first clue of it’s authenticity. heh.

And I’ve heard that toe curling can be an involuntary reflex too, and from my own experience, it seems to always happen.

And I Won’t Complain :smiley:

It’s probably due to the fact that the toes are next to the genitals in the brain. See Penfield’s somatosensory homunculus.

That is an interesting hypothesis, Libertarian. But that’s the sensory mapping - you must explain how it affects the motor area for the toes.

Here’s how: First, there’s the fact that Penfield’s diagram doesn’t reflect: The number of neurons devoted to the genitals is much greater than that given to the toes, but Penfield doesn’t reflect that.

If he did, the genitals would be the largest part on the drawing, bigger than even the lips. See if you can find a more recent version of the diagram, that hasn’t been edited by puritanical censors. The one that was in my college Neuroanatomy text was a rather lurid 3D model of the male sensory homonculus… definitely not something you’d want to meet in a dark alley - or even a crowded bar for that matter! It had huge hands and feet, giant lips and nose on a pinhead, and an erect penis the size of its torso! (I can’t find one using Google… too bad, cuz I think I want one for my home page: “What I feel like on a Saturday Nite after about three beers.”)

But anyway, my point: Here is a picture of the motor homonculus (notice how it is shown on the other hemisphere). The motor homonculus is similarly mapped upon the surface of the cerebrum, in the layers just below the sensory cortex. Notice what is different? There are very few motor neurons devoted to the genitals. And most of those that do exist are not segregated like on the sensory homonculus. They are part of the area labeled “torso,” or else are involuntary and map to another cortex…

Now, consider one more piece of evidence. Studies have shown that right-handed string musicians and pianists alter the size of the area of the motor cortex devoted to their left hands. They use their left hands more than the average person, and make more precise movements with their left hands. The data suggests strongly that their brains have adapted and devoted more neurons to left hand motor function, kinda like muscles getting bigger due to use.

Now, add these together: The motor area for the toes is bigger than the sensory area, and extends at least partially underneath the sensory area for the genitals. Use of the toe motor area makes the motor area bigger, increasing the overlap.

Thus the refined hypothesis: any curling of the toes during sex and orgasm is strongly reinforced by proximity of the genital sensory area and the toe motor areas, if not already prewired due to partial colocation.

Personally, I can’t say whether or not I curl my toes - I’m not paying attention to my toes when I’m sowing my seed. But you can bet the next time it happens, I won’t be able to ignore them!




Oh dear.

On the bright side, men can fake 'em this way too…

Laughter also seems to have the same effect…and hiccups.