Why do none of my sport coats have tags?

Pants, yes. Shoes, shirts, everything else, yes. No size tags on my sportcoats or the jacket half of my suit. Why? And is there an easy way to eyeball what my jacket size is?

Your tailor will have put this on the inside of one of the interior pockets, usually the pocket over your right breast. Because your suit is made for you, you don’t have to find it on a rack in the store from among many similar suits, so the size and other information doesn’t need to be so easily accessible.

Of course some people - I’ve heard - do buy off-the-peg suits, and these too have the size tag inside a pocket. This is because the clothiers who sell them don’t - or originally didn’t - want to mark them out as off-the-peg by putting the size tag in a different and more accessible place.

They should have when you bought it, on a tag typically at the end of the sleeve. It is removed after purchase. Most sport coats and suit jackets are ultimately altered to fit appropriately. Next time you are in a department store go try on sport coat’s and find out which one fits you best, and that’s your size.

Inside a pocket? I never would have thought to look there. And yes, all of my stuff is off the peg-I got 'em at Goodwill, I’m not ashamed to admit it. Nice clothes, very nice price.

Plus you get to say, ‘You like the suit? It’s from a dead guy!’

What sport does one play in these jackets?

According to Wiki:

I had assumed that it was connected to the slang term “sport”. “You’re a sport!”

That’s what I assumed. But the Wiki explanation makes sense.

I looked in the pocketses, and no tags. One did have an “XXL” tag (and the business card of an “Assistant District Executive” in the state transportation department).