Why Do People Buy WHITE Cars?

Why do people buy white-painted cars? Do they have some sort of a problem with actual colors?? Or do they have personalities that allow them to enjoy all things bland- vanilla ice cream, plain potatoes, etc.??? Why do they do it???

Well, in my case it was because the car I wanted to buy happened to be white, and getting it in a different color would have involved driving much farther.


Why not?

White is a color.

What difference does it make what fricken color your car is?

The color of ones car is not indicative of thier personality.

White: Generally cooler (temperature wise). Reflects all wavelengths of light (thus making it appear - tada! - white!). So in a hot environment, white is most practical.

And, for what it’s worth, yes, some of us do like “bland” and “boring”. Some of us don’t need superficial appearance-related add-ons to our personality to make us seem “dynamic” and “action-packed”.

I’ve noticed anecdotally more white cars in desert areas. Makes sense to me.

imthjckaz-“White is a color.

Maybe, but I think that white would be better descibed as the absence of color. That is why when you buy paper you are going to write on it is usually white.

It’s also BORING! White cars are more interesting to look at AFTER they have been blemished with bird droppings.

Why do people do it?

Actually, white is the presence of ALL colors. Don’t believe me? Ever see a rainbow?

People like what they like, we don’t have to justify our preferences to anyone.

If you lived on a desert where temperatures routinely get to 112-115[sup]o[/sup] F (44-46[sup]o[/sup] C) and the sun beats down through clear, almost moisture-free air (relative humidity ~10-15%) you wouldn’t ask that question.

White looks clean and neat. If you have a white car and can actually keep it white, it says you are a neat and clean person.

White is a neutral color (by the way, if something was truly absent of color, wouldn’t it be clear?), and goes with anything. Any type of interior, any type of house and garage, and any type of clothing the occupants might be wearing. Ever seen a red car parked in front of a purple house? Or being driven by someone in green paisley? I have, and it wasn’t pretty.

But then again, that means that if you have a white car, in addition to being boring, you’re also anal and stuffy and no one ever notices you. :rolleyes:

[Artist’s Rant]

Noooooo! Unless you’re talking about printer’s ink, BLACK is the absence of color! BLACK! White is the equal combination of the three primaries: red, yellow, and blue. That’s why white light, filtered into a prism, comes out as a spectrum: it’s white broken into its component parts.

Also, from an aesthetic standpoint, our eyes are drawn to light and lighter colors. Take a black piece of paper and put a white dot in the middle. Your eyes will be “drawn” to the white dot.

A white car can be damn sexy, dammit.

[/Artist’s rant]

gee try the same with a white piece of paper with a black dot. you’ll notice this same eery effect, it boggles the mind :rolleyes:

Well, yes, white is the sum of the spectrum, or however else you might like to put it. But the facts of the matter are that very few people actually order a car, so they buy what’s available.

And car manufacturers have for years produced more white vehicles (it goes with everything). Sometimes you’ll notice another trend, undoubtably set by the producer rather than the consumer. Didja ever notice how the prepronderance of early '90s Ford Explorers were (I think it was called) Forest Green? J30s turn up in green more often than not as well.

My last car was white, because that was the color of the available car with the price and options I wanted, and I didn’t give enough of a crap to ask for a different color.

Bird doo doesn’t show up on it as much.

Policemen don’t notice it speeding as much as red cars (or so “they” say).

And here in the desert, the dealers push white cars with signs that read, “Best color for the desert!!” In Sun City, evidently the best color is white with gold trim and a Cadillac logo.

Also, I enjoyed my white car, because it allowed you to feel stylish and superior in your colored car. :wink:

In your opinion.

But do you know what would be really boring, **Surreal ? **

If we all liked the same colour… say, bright red. Yep. That’d be boring.

Isn’t it great we all like different stuff ? And won’t it be even better when people don’t go around assuming that just because they think a certain colour is boring, that means it is boring ? Wouldn’t it be great if we thought “Hmmmm, gee, I’m not a fan of white cars, it just isn’t me… so why don’t I buy a car that’s the colour I like, and let other people buy the colour car they like, without trying to put down their colour preferences”

I am months (maybe years) away from being able to afford a new car. However, I decided the other day that I am going back to white next time for just the above reason.

I bought a new car in February. When the dealer was checking the lot for a car that met my specs, I said color didn’t matter.

When she brought me a white car, I said look again. I ended up choosing silver.

Why? I don’t know. And when I make such decisions and can’t articulate a reason even to myself, I am troubled.

My theory is that white vehicles are stopped for speeding less. I think if two cars are speeding, one white and one red, the red one will get the ticket.

Goo-“In your opinion.

I did place this thread in a forum entitled “In My Humble Opinion”, not “Definative, Matter-Of-Fact, Universal Truths”.

But I also think that if someone were to take a poll asking “What is the most BORING color for a car that you could possibly imagine?” that more people would anwer “white” than “bright red”. I know I’m not alone on this.

OK, but I’ve noticed that a great many commercial fleets owned bt corporations are all white.

What’s up with that? Easier to see at night = lower accident rate = lower insurance?

Yes? No? Ham sandwichs? :confused:

What an incredibly boring thing to say. :smiley: