Why do some smokers smell more "smoky" than others?

If you smoke a lot you get use to the smoke.

People that smoke more than other people that smoke will smell more.

Also the way the person smokes.

I don’t know why they cannot invent cigarettes that don’t smell or smell nice than smell bad.

They can put satellites in space and build a space station and send space probes in space but cannot invent cigarettes that smell nice.

Well yea but it is funny and may me be just me or only small number of people but I like cigar smell over a cigarette smell.

I know a cigar smell is really strong but has nicer smell over cigarette smell.

NM, zombie thread.

I have a jacket at home that is 94% polyester and 6% elastine whatever that is. If I am anywhere near a smoker I wreak of cigerette smoke so bad I can’t stand it. Everyone near me will be equally as offended. The finish on the jacket is similar to suede. I have never seen anything that smelled so bad in my life. I believe the type of fabric in clothing can have a significant effect on how much smell a smoker is putting out.