Why do tech support search engines online often suck so bad when google is so good?

This is not an IHMO rant. I really want to know why most/many PC hardware and software manfacturer tech support seach engines are so bad vs google.

In geeking around with PC hardware and software over the years, I have used dozens and dozens of web based, tech support search engines of various hardware and software manufacturers, to try and solve both simple and thorny technical problems.

Almost without fail they suck, even large, billion dollar computer companies have tech support search engines that will generate listings of page after page of completely tangential, non-specific, useless drivel in response to even the simplest and most direct inquiries, or indicate they have no idea what you are looking for. I sometimes have to end run the tech support search engine and go to google to get the direct link to the tech note or driver on the manfacturer’s website.

Why the hell is this? There’s no excuse for tech suport search engines to be so bad vs google. It’s their own damn database for God’s sake, why can’t they provide a decent front end to search it efficiently? What’s the operational hangup?

Because Google uses PigeonRank http://www.google.com/technology/pigeonrank.html, whereas most corporations aren’t able to harness the power of so many pigeons working in parallel.