Why do the French love Jerry Lewis?

La raison qu’on aime Jerry? C’est le doublage!!!
It’s the dubbing! Dubbing in France is often taken very seriously, giving far better results than what anglophones get from their typical Honk Kong Chop Chop Suey flick.In the case of Jerry Lewis movies, the dubbing improves them considerably.
The french actor who does Jerry’s voice has a good sense of timing, and his voice is actually comical, as opposed to the shrilly whining which the American Jerry over-indulges in.
Jerry’s physical comedy is inventive enough, --it’s his vocalizations that kill a lot of his humour.
Better yet, check out the Laurel and Hardy movies in French. Here, they speak with atrocious American accents, while everyone else speaks ‘normally’ (but all in French, of course). The effect is that these two bumbling dudes wind up epitomizing the silly Americans. Racist, but funny.

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Well, he DID try.

But I have to disagree, it’s nothing to do with dubbing–the French are just crazy themselves. Like speaks to like, you know?

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The topic of the dubber was brought up before.

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As for my appreciation for Jerry, well what can I say? I’d rate, (on a scale of -2 to 16), most of his movies to be mediocre-to-average (the Nutty Professor being the exception, coz of the anti-Dean material). With the dubbing factor, they become OK. But great? Nawww.