Why do the some of same people think alcohol is good think guns are bad?

AA is anonymous, and there are already penalties for DUIs.

The filter in your brain that stops you from posting when you’re drunk. :wink:

I wouldn’t recommend it, but if that’s what you think we should do, lay out a plan.

Kable, could you please point out the people mentioned in the title of this thread?

Good point. You got me. We’ll have to go with drunk drivers, mothers of FAS babies, those with convictions of alcohol related domestic violence, etc.

It’s hypothetical, I’m not singling you out at all.

On a subconscious level, yes. When you carry a hammer, it’s because you’re looking for something to nail. When you pack heat, you’re looking for a reason to use it.

We did this very discussion just a few months ago.

Here’s your post claiming that you understood the point then:


I suspected that you didn’t actually understand it, but I don’t feel particularly good to be validated in that suspicion. It’s more frustrating than anything else.

In addition, you are misusing the word strawman.

Looking for a reason to use it does not equate to looking for someone to kill, however…unless you assume that the only use for a gun is to kill someone. Which brings me back to the original question that you didn’t answer. There are literally hundreds of millions of guns in the US and millions and millions of gun owners. Yet, there are less than 15000 gun related deaths per year, even counting suicides. How do you explain the obvious different between your statement and the numbers? We’ll leave aside your assertion that alcohol is ok juxtaposed with the large number of alcohol related deaths per year and just focus on this.

?? I never said you were. I’m asking who you are referring to in the title. Who did you have in mind when you wrote the title?

Perhaps you are right, we should ban both guns and alcohol. But, since we don’t really know what unintended consequences will result, perhaps we should try it out on only one of them at a time. And it is only reasonable to choose gun owners first, because they are a smaller group than alcohol drinkers, and any negative consequences would be minimized. You must agree, that is the reasonable approach.

sigh I’m not making a 1 for 1 comparison here either, Hentor. I’m sorry to say that it’s you who are failing to grasp the argument or what I said.

And I’d say that my use of strawman applied to you is dead on. Did you have anything rational and meaningful you wanted to say in this thread, or was this another of your drive by posts just to remind me that, sadly, you are still out there?

But you say “some people”. So who are these people? How many of them are there and how much influence do they have? What arguments are they making?

How do you expect us to speak to the motivations and thought processes of people we know nothing about and who, being hypothetical, may not exist?*

*I’m fairly sure there are people somewhere who hold those positions, but I’m not convinced it’s a significant number.

You are missing the fact that banning guns has a proven record of success while banning alcohol has a proven record of failure. Almost all first-world countries either make private ownership of firearms illegal or put severe restrictions on it. Murder rates in every other first world country are much lower than in the United States, without exception.

Banning alcohol, on the other hand, makes drinking problems and associated crimes much worse. The USA did so with the 18th amendment in 1919 and, after observing the results, overturned it with the 21st amendment fourteen years later.

I’ll be happy to tell you as soon as you answer my question (that you have ignored several times) regarding if you think AR15s or any other guns legal today should be made illegal. Fair?

Okay, let’s keep it simple.
Cite your evidence for this statement:

I’d be particularly interested in your evidence for “an order of magnitude”.

I don’t think we should ban either. Do you think we should ban either or both, or maybe just ban a subset of either or both?

Are you suggesting it has nothing to do with principle but just enforcement? That alcohol is in fact bad, it’s just hard to eradicate? Do you ever drink?

You seem to be referring to a discussion in another thread, and frankly, no, this is not reasonable. We’ve had plenty of debates about AR15s. If you want to debate the more general issue you’ve identified in this thread, do so. If not, this thread is pointless and may get closed.

So you are against the ban on unrestricted private ownership of full-automatic weapons?