College Station, Texas shooting

Shooting in College Station, Texas near the campus of Texas A & M. Not many details other than one police officer dead and several people injured. Shooter is in custody.

The article linked above says the shooter was firing automatic weapons from a house near the campus.

Betcha a quarter it doesn’t end up being ‘automatic weapons’ in the end.

Updates here.

And here as well.

Long story short: Cops show up to serve an eviction notice, guy starts shooting. Three dead, I think, including the shooter.

Do not ruin the mourning ritual for the people who were killed in this tragic and entirely unpredictable event.

Congratulations. One post. If that’s not a new record, it ties the record. You can’t do any better than one post.

Actually, it’s zero posts. The OP mentioned automatic weapons and thus delved into that territory first.

I do find the repetition of the discussion on the semantics of "automatic " to be so very helpful. Each and every time.

The OP reported what the news outlets said, with no editorial “dwelving”.

The families will be so comforted to know that the death of their loved ones didn’t harm the gun lobby in any way.

I didn’t realize we were creating a thread for the benefit of the bereaved.

I’ll bet the dead cop was comforted by knowing what kind of a weapon it was while he gurgled out his last earthly breaths.

As I understand it, his last words were “It was an assault weapon. Tell my wi-” but he was cut off by someone snidely correcting him as to the definition of assault weapons.


I don’t care how outraged the gun nuts (including those here on this board, most of them perfectly sane in all other respects) get - there is simply no rationale where your right to own dangerous items > the need to protect innocent life.

Somehow I doubt you make comments like that with anyone’s concern in mind.

I don’t care how outraged you are, a few innocent lives are a completely reasonable cost for any number of dangerous items people enjoy the freedom to purchase and own. Luckily for firearms, the SCOTUS has recently begun correctly interpreting the constitution such that the second amendment confers an individual right to own firearms, so until you losers get 38 states to agree with you we’re going to keep owning guns.

Unfortunately several other dangerous items that people enjoy owning have no explicit constitutional protections. Considering the number of innocent lives taken by things like swimming pools, ATVs, and alcohol we may be in trouble on those. Luckily none of those things makes liberals piss and shit their pants in fear like firearms do, so at least for awhile we’re safe to get drunk after swimming and then drive our ATVs into a daycare.

Congratulations, you have successfully created an entire psychological profile of me based up one sentence.

In a thread about an incident, I think that commentary on the reporting of the incident is perfectly acceptable.

I find it amusing that because you hate guns you think it’s preferable to be fucking retarded about them and make glaring technical errors in the description of them. It’s like not knowing the difference between a manual transmission and an automatic transmission in a car, you don’t need to know how either transmission works, but if you can’t get that “automatic weapon” means “hold trigger down and lots of bullets stream out” or that a “manual transmission” means you have to shift the gears yourself and use a clutch pedal you’re a moron.

You just left out “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” and “if you outlaw guns then only criminals will have them!”
Luckily for you, if history is any guide, you’ll have an opportunity to knock out the trifecta as you should have done in the first post in short order.

Funny you mention that, I was nearly injured the other day in a drive by pool accident. I’m just glad the Aurora shooter don’t bring a pool with him. He could have drowned the entire audience.