Why do the Squishy machines at Speedway never work right?

There are 4 Speedway stations all about equal distance from my home. I like the Speedy Freeze drink, either by itself or to top off a fountain soda instead of using ice.

9 times out of 10 the machines are not working right. I don’t mean they’re empty, I mean they aren’t freezing properly. It doesn’t matter which station I go to, literally 9 times out of 10 one or more flavors of the frozen drink is unavailable because it’s not freezing properly.

All I get from the people working there is, “those machines suck!”.

Anyone know what the deal is? In 2012 mankind hasn’t perfected the Squishy machine yet?

If they are like the Slurpee machines I used to work with, then yeah, those machines suck. That’s really an accurate answer. Particularly temperamental when overworked, like hot summer afternoons.