why do the veins in my feet stick out?

Only recently I’ve noticed that the veins in my feet stick out occasionally. This never used to happen so I’m not just a person with veiny feet. But I want to know, why do they do that? It doesn’t happen all the time, but I haven’t bothered to try and figure out a pattern. And, more importantly, how can I make it stop? I think it’s really gross and don’t wish for it to continue.

It’s easier for veins to sick out in places like the tops of feet that don’t have much of a fat layer. As you age, your skin things making this even easier. In addition, blood likes to pool in the lower extremities. So a lot of what you are worrying about may be natural.

But excessive pooling of blood in the feet is Not A Good Thing. Your doctor would be the best judge of whether you have a real problem or not.

As for everyday non-doctor advice about circulation and feet: My motto is “Walk or die.” Vigorous everyday walking can make all the difference between a long active life and a short miserable one. Get out there and walk. Keep walking.

Umm, make that “skin thins”.

If sitting for long periods, wiggle your toes, it helps circulation. I keep my feet up on the desk when ever I can. It was a habit I got into when I broke my foot, and I cann’t get out of it.