Why do they call certain eggs

Why do they call certain eggs “Googy” eggs? What is the significance of “Googy”? Is this just an Aussie expression or do you Yanks use it to?

I’ve never heard the term used in N.Y. What sort of eggs are they?

The best I could do is that it’s from the English/Scottish slang term goggie, which is derived from the Gaelic gogaidh. Which isn’t in any Gaelic dictionary I could find, so I’m slightly doubtful.

This yankee has never heard of a googy egg. However, a quick google search turned up this page of Aussieisms, which defines googy egg as:

“Boiled egg with dipping center.”

I dunno what a “dipping center” is, but there ya go.

Aha! Here in Her Majesty’s Royal Colony of New Jersey we call them “Soft Boiled Eggs”.

Drats. I was hoping for something more moderne.

Is a soft boiled egg the same as a poached egg - a solid egg white surrounding a warm liquid yolk?

(Mmm… warm liquid yolk … ::drool::slight_smile:

Nope…soft boiled is in the shell, poached is out.

on posing the questions to some workmates, we’ve agreed with “what” a googie egg is, but now “Why” it is termed ‘googy’.
Perhaps it is a childish thing - a kid sees something gooey and calls it ‘googy-egg’?

I’ve never heard of “goggie” (which is far from saying it doesn’t exist) but according to one online Gaelic/English dictionary,


there is a word, “gog”, which (it says, anyway) means “cackle”.

As hens could be said to cackle, maybe there is a connection here. It sounds a bit ood though.