Why do we always cover our heads when it rains ?

I have always wondered why we as humans cover our heads when it rains. Have you ever noticed another living creature cover their head in the rain or run for cover. Why do we do it. I of course do it but have always wondered why and I can actually remember when I did get caught in the rain without an umbrella when I was younger it was quite refreshing and pleasant. I’m sure someone out there will know the real reason we do it…


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So we don’t get wet.

So our heads don’t get wet.

My dogs come in when it rains,cows and horses get under trees or head for the shed,birds get in the trees or under eaves,cats come in,rabbits get under bushes,insects hide,chickens go to the coop…

I don’t. It never rains in California.

Ray (Son of the Golden West)

I cover mine because those drops of water make my scalp itch when the run down it. Also so we don’t get wet. Animals also do not like getting wet. I know my dog doesn’t. She scratches at the door unless we let her in :).

I don’t mind getting wet much, but I hate getting rain drops on my glasses. It makes it rather hard to see. So those of us with vision problems have another reason to keep our heads dry.

I just put my glasses in the case, and let it rain all over me. It has to be a very bad storm for me to run to the car or building.

On a workday, I cover my head so my hair doesn’t get sopping wet like a rat…

On a day off, I frequently take my time in the rain, enjoying the feeling of it on my face. Just one of those things!

Because the acid rain turns my hair funny colors. :slight_smile:

I once saw some people who had just gotten out of the pool when it started to rain. They were soaking wet already and in swimsuits, but they immediately covered their heads and ran like acid was falling from the sky. Just an instinct, I guess.
– Greg, Atlanta

I grew up in Texas panhandle, when it rained EVERYBODY went outside.Unless it was one of those “and the heavens opened up” which were more usuall. Every summer we had to take up a collection to send the fish back east so they wouldn’t forget how to swim.
" Out in Texas my good girl standin’ in the rain,
When a drop a water fell outa the sky and laid her out cold on the plain.
Dead. Shock. The sheer terror of it all."
W. Guthrie, " Talkin’ Dust PEEmonia Blues".

I figure most women (and some men) cover up to keep their hairstyle from getting messed up.
Also, my dog LOVES to be out in the rain!

Because the rain gets all over my glasses and I can’t see. And the rain gets in my eyes, irritates them, and I can’t see. And also, my hair is long enough that it takes forever to dry.

Why do people in a swimming pool run to the house when it rains?

Man, if your in a swimming pool and lightening hits…

Jeeze, John, I didn’t think of that. It often rains here where I live with no threat of lightning.

Wouldn’t the lightening be harmless unless you’re touching the bottom of the pool? The electicity in the water would just flow right through you. Otherwise, wouldn’t you often see more dead fish in a lake after a storm?

>>>>>Because the acid… …turns my… …funny colors. <<<<<

man i could be a journalist!!

i am on a never-ending quest to eliminate capital letters

Rain? What is this “rain” you speak of? We are drying up & blowing away here in NC!

Ginger (my Shetland Sheepdog) and other animals with ears that stand up, tuck their ears and head for the barn/house when it rains.

As for me, I don’t mind the rain unless I am wearing something that doesn’t agree with (acid) rain like silk ties. Then I reach for the bumber shoot.

“Quoth the Raven, ‘Nevermore.’”
E A Poe

I cover my head when it rains otherwise I would melt. I’m made of brown sugar.