Gorillas avoid the rain, just like us. No one likes getting wet. LOL

Amazing and hilarious video. The body language and expressions on the gorillas faces is priceless. I react exactly the same way during heavy down pours. :wink:

I had to make mad dash from my van to the house a couple days ago. Both hands holding five heavy grocery bags. I had one hell of a time unlocking the door.


That’s a great video. Sometimes it’s something as mundane as a gorilla family (? I assume they are a family group anyway) not wanting to get wet that really emphasises the fact that we are actually pretty close cousins.

I mean, us humans shouldn’t anthropomorphise too much, but come on - everyone watching that clip knows pretty much what the gorillas are thinking, surely?

But how do they feel about being in the mist?

Nice and cool on the hairy bits?

It’s miserable getting wet when you have never learned to use a towel.


Seconded. The facial grimace as each individual makes a break for it is hilarious.

What’s gorilla for “Oh goddammit!”

Watch the big male at 42 seconds. He makes a hand gesture to the two females and they run through the rain to their den.

It sure looks like they were watching for that hand gesture.