Why do we have to put up with Religious People?

As an Atheist, I’m getting a little tired of the “there is magic giant in the sky” crowd.

Some of them are very nice people, do charity work, etc. Some enjoy a sense of community through their religion, perhaps find a moral guidance.

Do unto others etc…isn’t a bad philosophy to live by.

I’m not talking about extremist terrorists. Just your everyday law abiding person of whatever religion, that thinks there is a magic giant in the sky.

At what point do we get to say, uh no, there isn’t a magic giant in the sky.

You’re saying it, so I guess the answer is now.

Could you clarify what you mean by “putting up” with religious people? What is the alternative you’re seeking?

by putting up with, i would mean pretending that 80% of the earth’s population doesn’t believe in the tooth fairy. Christians/Muslims/Hindus/Buddhist/Et Al and all the nonsense the conflicts between the various sects have caused throughout history and to continue to cause.

But i have to nod politely and have to be “respectful” of everyones version of the magic giant in the sky

You’re not required to share anyone else’s religious beliefs.

You don’t have to. You could tell people you think their religious beliefs are nonsense. It would be rude as hell but nobody’s saying you can’t do it.

Twin studies have pointed to about 40-50% of the disposition towards spiritual practice being genetic. As a point of comparison being gay is about 50% genetic.

That still leaves room for some influence of the religious with no or little genetic disposition for religion. We are into the area where “because they are born that way” answers the question in the thread title

It shouldn’t be rude to say the sky is blue.

It isn’t rude to say the sky is blue.

But it’s rude to insult somebody else’s beliefs just because you don’t share them.

If somebody shows me a picture of their new baby, I’m not going to tell them I think their child is ugly even if that’s what I believe. My opinion isn’t going to change the way their baby looks or change the way they feel. It would just be pointlessly rude.

that’s my point. Most of the population believes in the tooth fairy, i’m sorry the magic giant in sky, so they’ve all agreed not to really discuss how silly the whole thing is but they do agree that the tooth fairy does exist. What is a person who says, uh no, there is no tooth fairy to do?

Why do anything? I’m an atheist but I don’t feel any need to convert other people to atheism.

Global society is not based on whether or not you think your freinds baby is ugly or not.

Rude? It can be fucking dangerous.

Global society is better off if we are polite to each other and show respect for other people’s opinions.

I’ve always been an atheist, but showing respect to other people’s beliefs is part of basic courtesy in my opinion.

Millions have died

Want about both sides following that advice you have for atheists?

It can be. And in cases like that, there’s an element of self-interest in not expressing an opinion.

But the level at which expressing an opinion is rude is generally lower than the level at which expressing an opinion is dangerous. We shouldn’t feel free to express any opinion just because we feel safe from danger.

Well as i said a lot of religious people are very nice people, but if a very nice person told you they believed in the tooth fairy…