Why do you eat non-veg?

Do fish or lobsters? Evidence suggests that they do not. However they will try to get away from noxious stimulation. Plants to not have nociceptors, nor a neocortex; but they will use what means they have to avoid or attack noxious stimulation.

The animals will die whether they are eaten by humans or not. Killing them for my gustatory pleasure gives the same outcome as not killing them. Killing and eating them is a morally neutral act.

Cows, pigs and sheep are spectaculary successful species because we breed them for food. And wool. And John Motson’s sheepskin coats.

Thanks. Is the agony that one feels while drowning in water similar to what a fish feels when it is taken out of water?

I am not big enough for anything. I am an unimportant nobody.

I eat non-veg because people are carnivores and need meat to be truly healthy. Kind of like cats and dogs CAN survive on a “veg” diet but survival doesn’t mean they have achieved optimal health.

Death is really not the worst thing that can happen to an animal. My only concern is that the animal had a reasonable life and the quickest death possible. I raise and slaughter my own poultry and these birds have it good in comparison to wild animals. They could leave but they don’t.

Would you rather condemn the animal to live in the wild, only to be savagely torn apart and eaten alive by other animals . . . or succumb to infection or disease, and die a slow agonizing death? Or not being born in the first place? Is that your idea of compassion?

If you meet one of those holier than thou vegans, take the moral high ground by claiming to be a Fruitarian.

Why do I eat non-veg? Because it tastes nice, and it’s practical.

Obligatory video.

Because most vegetarian food nauseates me.

bananas feel less pain than lettuce? :smack: who knew. Clearly these people missed all of the studies showing that sugar is the enemy. Eat steak, not sugar-laden fruit.

Fruit, vegetables, grains, legumes nauseate you?

You only eat animal products?

Really? Brussels sprouts? Steamed broccoli? Macaroni and cheese? Rice? Baked potatoes? Salads? Asparagus? Asparagus with Béchamel sauce? Toast? Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? Polenta? There’s plenty of vegetarian dishes that are absolutely delicious. That’s why I eat dead animals and dead or alive plants!

Indian vegetarian food is absolutely delicious. Maybe because half of us Indians are vegetarians.

Béchamel sauce doesn’t count. It has milk. :wink:
ETA: Ditto the Mac and cheese.

Try chole bhature sometime.
There is dal makhni, few paneer dishes and makki-roti with sarson saag etc. as well. Mouth watering.

A lot of the arguments here are pretty terrible. Try this: if you substitute the word “human” for “animal” in your argument, is your argument unchanged?

Unless your argument either explicitly condones cannibalistic murder, or explicitly distinguishes between the morality of eating animal flesh and the morality of cannibalistic murder, it doesn’t address the concerns of animal rights.

Dairy is vegetarian. You might be thinking vegan.

I think he was thinking vegan. Dairy makes everything yummy.
That’s why I asked him if he ate only animal products.