Why do you eat non-veg?

Or use leather products?

Poor animals are bred in farms only to be slaughtered for your food or maybe to make your shoes or your jacket. How cruel is that? Humans have a choice of what to consume unlike other species. Humans have conscience. Then why are humans so cruel?

One could also ask why someone with a conscience would use a computer that contains heavy metals that pollute the environment. Depends on how one looks at things doesn’t it. Like you said the animals are bred to be food. I just don’t have a problem with eating animals.

Didn’t God give man dominion over all the animals on earth?

Besides, they are delicious.

The ability to murder someone is dominion? - I don’t think so. God gave us conscience I think.

She also made bacon taste delicious. Only a cruel capricious creator would do that.

Are you asserting that animals are all ‘someone’. Even, say, clams?

Why don’t you feel guilty about eating plants? Plants are living things, too.

Omnivores gotta omnivate.

The idea is to lessen the pain and suffering in this world. I don’t particularly believe that animal life prescious or it must be preserved.

there’s evidence that eating (cooked) meat is what made us human in the first place.

go watch some Youtube videos of life on the African plains, then come back here and try to say humans are “cruel.”* Hint- lions and hyenas don’t wait for their prey to die before they start eating it.

yes, but why do you jump to the conclusion that “humans have a choice, therefore they all must make the same choice I did.” that’s very arrogant.

  • yes, I know humans can be cruel, but that’s typically towards ourselves.

LUVIT! :D:D Gonna steal that one!

True. Is your point that animals are more cruel so it is OK to consume them? The counter can be that most animal that people eat are bred in farms by humans. Meaning they wouldn’t even be born into this world otherwise .

I don’t feel arrogant. I feel sad. Then, I have to tell myself that it’s not my fault.

I have stopped eating non-veg and using leather products since I was 10. But I would use gelatin based capsules whenever I have to, I feel guilty. I don’t feel guilty (I think) in killing mosquitoes though.

There are closely-reasoned arguments in favor of animal rights. The OP is not one of them.

If folks–including the OP–want to read these closely-reasoned arguments, I strongly suggest starting with Tom Regan, an extremely brief version of whose views may be read here. I don’t necessarily agree with him, but his views are robust enough to be considered and debated.

So you stopped 2 years ago? I’m not impressed.

no, my point is that life feeds on life. for the most part herbivores exist to be food for other animals. I don’t feel guilty about eating animal products; other animals do so, and we’re physiologically built to be able to subsist on pretty much anything we can pick/catch/kill and shove into our mouths.

and that’s one big thing about us vs. larger herbivores. what’s one thing you notice about them? They spend most of the day eating. Cows do nothing but eat and shit. Deer do little other than eat, shit, and occasionally run if they’re spooked. Guinea pigs and rabbits? Constantly eating. Hell, consider the freak of nature that is the giant panda. Here’s a carnivorous animal which for whatever reason subsists mainly on bamboo, and gets so little nourishment from it that it eats around 30 lbs of food a day, and does little else but lay around and shit. Humans are pretty unique in the animal kingdom in our physical endurance; part of the reason we became successful hunters (in spite of our lower physical strength) is because we could chase and run down prey until it tired out and couldn’t run anymore. we could not exist pleasantly on a low-energy diet similar to that of a large herbivore.

(as an aside, I think one of the things which runs counter to the idea that humans should be herbivorous is our inability to digest grasses. which to me is a pretty indefensible design flaw for a putative herbivore.)

it’s still arrogant; you’re “sad” because everyone else won’t think the same way as you. You’ve convinced yourself that the choice you made in life is the One True Way (except when it’s inconvenient and you can get away with being a hypocrite.)

if you want to condemn the way we raise animals for slaughter (e.g. commercial feedlots) then that’s a discussion which IMO needs to be had.

^though we can be as strong and as smart on vegetarian diet as well.

If you eat lettuce, you’re killing an organism that was grown only to be slaughtered for your food. How cruel is that? Take a dead lettuce plant. Now make it alive. You can’t. There is, in living things, a thing called ‘life’. Once we take it, it can’t be given back. The way I see it, it doesn’t matter if we take the life of an animal, or we take the life of a plant. We’re taking ‘life’ either way. As Spock said, ‘In the strict scientific sense… we all feed on death, even vegetarians.’

People think it’s cruel to kill animals, IMO because animals move about and can communicate with us in their various ways. Plants just sort of sit there in one place and don’t make noises and don’t interact with us. But if you were to do a time-lapse film of a garden, you can see how vicious plants really are. One plant, for example, a vine, attacks another plant, strangling the life out of it; other plants use chemical warfare against other plants and animals; and so on. All organisms exist to exist. Just because we’re insensitive to different forms of life doesn’t mean we’re not killing them. To a plant being eaten alive, it might ‘think’ it’s cruel.

So I eat dead animals and, on occasion, kill them myself and then eat them, because a life is a life when it comes to food. Also, dead animals are delicious.

If you feel that bad, eat rocks.

Do plants feel comparable pain to the animals?

Big enough to seek a principled life, small enough to try to dictate it.