Why does American society value women's beauty over skill/talent?

Need more input on this.

I think you answered your own question.


It’s a worldwide thing. Most definitely not just America.

Because older men hold most positions of power and control most of the wealth in the world. They want to use the beauty if these ladies for their own sexual gratification.

Why do you think this is something unique to the US?

Because babies, now maybe that seems ridiculous to say in today’s society. Plenty of people don’t want kids or just want lots of sex, but where do you think that male libido comes from? It’s evolution man we have a strong sex drive because that leads to continuation of the species, it may not be at the conscious level of the beholder that thinks a woman is sexy, but it’s the driving force regardless. I think for most men whether they admit it or not the first thing their brain processes when they see a female is are they hot or not? And if the answer is no, some part of that brain writes that woman off as far as what she has to offer.

*lets discuss worldwide now

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I think most if not all if this is true for US and world.

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What is your current view on the topic?

It’s everywhere.

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Certainly not just America and a strangely broad question.

Basically most societies are or were patriarchies. Why? Because for most of history “might made right” and men are physically stronger than women.
And when you decide women are just for the home and not able to even receive a (higher) education, guess what? Women are not able to contribute to academically.

Changing this scenario takes time; it’s not just a matter of opening the door, attitudes of both men and women need to change plus more women need to rise through the ranks to be employers themselves. All told, the changes have been very fast but they are not instantaneous.

Kambukta Should probably reevaluate your judgemental assumptions and think about where else you want to waste your time besides passively nitpicking comments. Guess you’re having a boring day mate?

UCBearcats honestly, from a few experiences and seeing things in college.

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OK…as to your original question, ALL societies have valued the physical appearance of women over their skills and talents. Why are you picking on the US?


Cathy967, you must understand, this board is a wretched hive of nitpickery and, furthermore, to answer what we want to answer and not what the questioner wants is a well established custom.

That said, as mentioned before you have a combination of the patriarchal civilization, ehich always valued reproductive potential, and just as long a history that, because of asociation with wealth and class, a physique that looks “cared for” is indicative of a desirable mate.

Centuries of this does not get erased in one lifetime, especially with the public eagerly consuming popular media that show us hot leading ladies and hot leading men in the roles of heroes and leaders.