Why does anyone take internet comments seriously?

I’m sure we have all seen some news program where some celebrity will relate something like:

But they said they received vile racist comments via twitter, showing the world is still not accepting etc.
Or some news story features some controversial folks, and they talk about how they are receiving nasty rape/death threats through email/facebook/twitter etc.


Does nobody realize this is the modern equivalent of scribblings on a toilet stall? It is anonymous assholes spewing crap, absent something else why would anyone care or take it seriously? It means essentially nothing, it doesn’t reflect real public sentiment.

I just don’t get it.

Need a mirror?
Check your posts.

? I’m afraid I don’t get what your saying. If you mean why do I even post here and reply, a message board is a bit different than a random vile comment.

Wow, almost exactly my first thought when I saw who the OP was.

I don’t recall ever posting about going into hiding because anon6748 sent me a tweet that says “yur gun die you <BLEEP>”.

Which is what my OP was about, taking a one sentence hate tweet as seriously as if a ex with a grudge leaves a detailed death threat taped to your front door.

(Are you guys talking about my police screed thread?)
And before someone claims I think sending this crap is good, I don’t. I just think people haven’t adapted to the fact yet that any bored teenager half way across the world can communicate with almost anyone anywhere for free.