Why does Derren Brown's Ch4 Website shill for Uri Geller?

Throughout his performances, Magician, Hypnotist, Illusionist, Armchair Psychologist and Showman Derren Brown typically advances a skeptical POV. Uri Geller, in contrast, claims to bend spoons, "By the sheer force of his powerful mind–powerful, that is, compared to those of the dopes who bought his line of baloney.

Yet a page on Derren Brown’s Channel 4 website compares the 2 performers and even contains ads for 2 of Uri’s books.

Specifically it notes:

I’m not outraged by the preceding so much as puzzled. Why does the website draw a parallel between overt trickery and claims of paranormal powers? Is this an example of editorial advertising? An intern project gone awry? If it’s mere promotional fluff, I’d say it’s buried pretty deeply in the website. What gives?

Channel 4’s take on it isn’t a scientifically rigorous one and it doesn’t try to be; Channel 4 is in the entertainment business. That’s pretty much it, I’d say.

Maybe you’ve been a doper too long; you’re expecting the real world to behave like this place…

For your entertainment, this is about the most incisive analysis I’ve yet read of Uri Geller.

Easy answer; it’s not his website, it’s Channel 4’s.

I think they’re trying to be even-handed in their analysis. Unfortunately this does mean taking Uri far more seriously than he deserves. What it should point out is that Uri uses simple magic tricks, and he’s not even particularly good at them. Brown is far, far better, but Uri has managed to dupe enough people into believe that what he’s doing is different and special.

Mangetout: Actually, Channel 4 is a bit of a public-private hybrid. OTOH, it seems mostly private, I guess: http://www.channel4.com/about_c4/information.html

Yeah, but bringing in Uri Geller seemed like a non sequitur to me. They could have as easily provided an even-handed comparison to Julia Child.

More questions:
Is Uri Geller a household name in Britain? I’d say he was in the US in the 1970s, but isn’t anymore. Does Channel 4’s website often mention “related” people in order to generate link-sales to Amazon? Or does Uri have defenders that would want him given equal time? :confused: Or is this a nonrepresentative page from Channel 4, perhaps pulled together on deadline?

Sixth sense??!! Derren makes it pretty clear that he’s not claiming any paranormal abilities.

Heck, the whole premise of Messiah was that seemingly paranormal stunts, whether practiced by advocates of ESP, evangelical Christians, new agers or whomever can be replicated by a skilled illusionist (and make of that what you will). SDMB thread on Messiah.

Nah, I’ve always been this way. :smiley: (Good point though).